USYCA Announces Elections‏

USYCA_logoThe USYCA constitution mandates that elections for its Board of Directors be held every third year. The constitution stipulates:

– Election must take place the last Saturday in April (April 27 this year)

– Only Affiliate Member organizations in good standing may vote, with each receiving one vote
– Election can be held at a meeting or by proxy (proxy can be interpreted as an electronic ballot)
– The USYCA Executive Secretary is responsible for receiving the votes
– The results are to be published on our website (

To that end, USYCA officially announces that it will conduct its tri-annual election on Saturday, April 27, 2013. Elections will be conducted electronically, with complete voting instructions to be sent by email to each Affilaite Member organization prior to the election.

Voting will open at 12:00AM April 27, and close at 11:59PM. David Sentance, USYCA Executive Secretary, will have access to the online results, which he will share with the USYCA Board of Directors at midnight EDT (9PM PDT). The results will then be published on the USYCA website no later than Monday morning.

Nominations will open on March 31 and close at 11:59PM on April 14. On April 15 the candidates will be announced. Nominations are accepted only by email to There will be no exceptions.

If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please provide contact information so that the individual may accept or refuse the nomination.

USYCA encourages all interested individuals having permanent residence within the United States to place their names in nomination. After the close of the nominations period, USYCA will publish a candidate-submitted biography to include contributions to the cause of youth cricket, as well as a specific list of what the candidate intends to do personally in the next three years.

If the position you intend to seek has specific duties detailed in our constitution, please read these carefully and give them due consideration before placing yourself in contention.


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