Cricket Let’s Play USA CALENDAR



Join Us:-

Cricket Let’s Play USA (CLPUSA) is calling all youth in the Tri-State area. We are recruiting cricketers for the following age groups for the 2019 season, No Experience necessary.

Age Group Born After Match Day Series
U-12 9/1/2006 Saturdays 25 Overs
U-14 9/1/2004 Sundays 30-40 Overs
U-16 9/1/2002 Saturdays 40/45 Overs
U-19 9/1/1999 Summer Weekdays/Saturdays 2 Innings/50 Overs/T20

U-12 born after 9/1/2006, 25 over matches on Saturdays, U-14 born after 9/1/2004, 35 over matches on Sundays, U-16 born after 9/1/2002 40 over matches on Saturdays, U-19 born after 9/1/1999 multi-day matches weekdays during the summer in addition to T20 matches as well. Outdoor Training is in session Saturdays call, message, text, WhatsApp 917-266-6396 Follow Us on Facebook:

CLPUSA Wh logo

QUEENS – 150th Street and Sutter Avenue

July 2019

7/18 Thurs. Practice 6:30pm – Sunset

7/20 Sat. Practice 2:30 pm – 5pm

7/21 Sun. Matchday V v. Dream Cricket Thunder

7/25 Thurs. Practice 6:30pm – Sunset

7/27 Sat. Practice 2:30 pm – 5pm

7/28 Sun. Matchday VI v. CricMax Lions

August 2019

8/1 Thurs. Practice 6:30pm – Sunset

8/3 Sat. Rest Day

8/8 Thurs. Practice 6:30pm – Sunset

8/10 Sat. Practice 2:30 pm – 5pm

8/11 Sun. Matchday v. DreamCricket Thunder

8/15 Thurs. Practice 6:30pm – Sunset

8/17 Sat. Practice 2:30 pm – 5pm

8/18 Sun. Matchday v. CricMax Lions

8/22 Thurs. Practice 6:30pm – Sunset

8/24 Sat. Practice 2:30 pm – 5pm


*Note that dates, times and locations are subject to change*


CLPUSA has introduced cricket to over 8000 students in the New York Elementary and Middle Schools.

CLPUSA has been featured on One World Sports’ “Out of My League,” – 


Contested the NATA Under-13 tournament 2014. 

Concerned Citizen for Change Back to School, District 57 Brooklyn.

2017 – 2018 Participated in East Coast Youth Cricket League

2017 – 2018, Manhattan UWS Cricket Program.

Joins us to prepare to the Travel, Regional and National, Teams and Trials, Leagues and Tournaments. Over the winter CLPUSA conducts coaching programs geared on improving the technical ability of the players. CLPUSA will continue to serve students with the latest and most effective drills and tips on improving their game. Ask about our After School program. 

About CLPUSA Learn Cricket Academy:-

Cricket Let’s Play USA, is inviting Students to learn Cricket, the basics; batting, bowling, catching and fielding, techniques and more in New York City, NY. Students aged 6 years and older are encouraged to register today to be part of the Cricket-Manic Excitement.

Pathways opportunities, to local, regional and national tournaments. Pathways to National Zonal/Regional team and National Youth, Women and Senior Teams. Find a program or build a program near you today call, text or register for more details.

Be registering and participating in the Cricket Let’s Play Program you consent to the Assumption of Risk waiver and Photo Consent Form in addition to rates and tuition as determined by our management committee.



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