USACA strike a pose

Well Well Well the great eagle strikes again. Since when a CRICKET coach is cavalier enough to take up reins of a team mere days before a tournament. No disrespect to my fellow Trini Mr. Singh. But any team any coach needs at least a month of work with at minimum the team’s core players. This will be Singh’s third stint as a National coach. And its the third occurrence which is undeserving. I would go on to stay that USACA and its current HONCHOS need to be dumped by the caucus. Furthermore the USACA should be renamed to purge the blight which has slighted our beloved sport in this here great nation. Kudos to those who have put principle first, those ladies from Lynx who have forgone national duty for dignity will be rewarded for this gesture. To those who have been entrusted with the responsibility of qualifying us for the World Cup, best of luck make us proud spur on this cricketing Nation.

To address the issue of stipends. Our women are qualifying for the World Cup unlike our men who can seem to understand the meaning of international cricket. The women are going for world cup they should earn a similar of greater stipend than the lads. The women got $100K donation. How can us spend 63K on a training camp and not have enough for the main tournament that is just insane.

CHA is looking to have a T20 tournament with local and international pros. The initial complaints were about the pitches in Florida. What is the short term and long term goals and objective for the Tournament. What with be the format? Regions, Franchisees? A tournament at on venue of a tournament that attempts to attract a fan base across the national. We need answers what about sponsors and corporate partnerships?

On the issue of national structure the entire system is flawed. Clubs feed into the Leagues and Leagues supply the Regional teams from which the National team is selected. Our clubs contest T20 and limited over between 30 and 40 overs per team. The Inter league structure follows similar to that of the Clubs. For us New Yorkers the Club season runs from May till early October, giving cricketer five full months of cricket. Inter League tournaments are as short and instantaneous as Regional tournaments. Regional tournament are two three day events each year and are t20 and 50 over tournaments like the Division Tournaments. The point is the players who are competing against each other on a regular basis. We have eight regions, we need these region playing each other at least one a in a season even more, mo’ better. So too the longer version of the game has to be incorporated as we cannot wait till USA is playing in Division one for our regions to play three day cricket and our clubs two day affairs. Tomorrow starts now!!! We need transparency, corporation and partnership.

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