NY Tigers sweep CSO Presentation

Caribbean Sports Organization in it annual end of season presentation displayed an array of West Indian American culture. From drinks costing two bucks across the bar to a buffet with curry,  roti, and fried rice. The league’s motto: “doing the right thing” live up to the billing. The evening entertainment includes Indian classical dancing, a live band accompanied by a disc jockey. When time came for the significant matters at hand CSO presented the winners, the performers, the up and coming youth and even inducted Hall of Famers.

The Honor Roll included Special Awards for Road Runners Sports Club, Outsiders Sports Club, Rebels Sports Club, matrix Sports Club, and Simply Paradise. The future generation were taken note of with Brandon Lutchman and Ceejay Rooplal receiving Upcoming Youth Awards. Other honors included Most Runs, Highest Score, and Hundreds, these three awards were swept home by Road Runners opener Valmiki Ramdass. Prem Bhawan of Trini Delite scored the first fifty this season, as Simply Paradise George Spooner was the most consistent with the bat as he had the best batting average.

In the bowling department NY Tiger’s Bobby Soman had two five  wicket hauls, Deryck Ramjattan bagged a five wicket hall, a hattrick, and a beavertrick. Boyie Ballai also have three wickets in three balls, but it was Roshan Lutchman who picked up the most wickets. In the Small Six Crusaders pipped Explorers. While in the big Four Championships, HD Sports were second runners up as Tigers roared to devours the doubles of Trini Delite.

Carlton Paul and Dindial Dee Ramkisson were both inducted to the Hall of Fame by President Sonny Son Son Kumia.

New York windball (tennis ball) cricket goes on winter break till 2012 summer. Brooklyn fans will be rear to go at Lincoln Terrace for  the night league while Sunday leagues are expected to continue at various venues across Brooklyn and Queens.

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