Brooklyn Cricket League 2012 Schedule

Brooklyn Cricket League Inc.

Updated and Final Cricket Schedule Of 2012     


  1. Sunday May  6 – Season Opening & President X1 Game @ 12 noon

Mpk C     President X1 Team  vs  League X1

  1. Saturday May 12

Mpk A   Middlesex    vs    Queensbury

Mpk B   Youth Game

Mpk C   Cavaliers     vs     Travel Treat

Mpk D   Diplomats   vs   Panthers

SV         Imperial    vs   Sheffield


Sunday May 13 – Mothers Day



  1. Saturday May 19 – Mayors Cup Round 1 (Mpk 1 & SV 108)


Sunday May 20

Mpk A    Imperial     vs    Wanderers

Mpk B    Queensbury   vs   Sheffield

Mpk C    Travel Treat   vs   Middlesex

SV          Cavaliers  vs Guest

  1. Saturday May 26 – Memorial Wkend – Mayors Cup Rd 2 (SV 108)3rd place & Finals



Sunday May 27 – Memorial Wkend

Mpk A     Middlesex   vs   Panthers

Mpk B     Youth Game

Mpk C     Sheffield   vs   Travel Treat

SV           Youth Game

  1. Saturday June 2

Mpk A    Cavaliers    vs   Sheffield

Mpk B    Travel Treat   vs   Wanderers

Mpk C    Queensbury    vs   Imperial

Mpk D    Diplomats    vs    Middlesex

SV          Youth Game

Sunday June 3

Mpk A     Panthers  vs  Queensbury

Mpk B     Wanderers    vs    Diplomats

Mpk C      Middlesex   vs     Cavaliers

SV            Youth Game


  1. Saturday June 9

Mpk A     Sheffield   vs    Diplomats

Mpk B     Youth Game

Mpk C     Cavaliers    vs    Imperial

Mpk D     Middlesex     vs    Wanderers

SV           Queensbury    vs    Travel Treat

Sunday June 10

Mpk A      Diplomats    vs    Queensbury

Mpk B      Travel Treat    vs    Panthers

Mpk C      Wanderers    vs    Sheffield

SV            Youth Game


  1. Saturday June 16 – Nations Cup



Sunday June 17

Mpk A    Panthers   vs   Wanderers

Mpk B    Middlesex   vs   Travel Treat

Mpk C    Cavaliers   vs   Diplomats

SV          Youth Game


  1. Saturday June 23

Mpk A     Sheffield    vs   Panthers

Mpk B     Youth Game

Mpk C     Queensbury  vs  Cavaliers

Mpk D     Youth Game

SV           Imperial  vs  Travel Treat


Sunday June 24

Mpk A    Panthers    vs    Cavaliers

Mpk B    Diplomats   vs    Travel Treat

Mpk C    Wanderers  vs   Imperial

SV          Sheffield   vs   Queensbury


  1. Saturday June 30 – Independence Wkend

Mpk A     Diplomats   vs   Wanderers

Mpk B     Imperial    vs    Panthers

Mpk C     Cavaliers     vs   Queensbury

Mpk D     Youth Game


Sunday July 1 —  Independence Wkend

Mpk A     Panthers    vs    Diplomats

Mpk B     Wanderers     vs    Middlesex

Mpk C     Travel Treat     vs   Cavaliers

SV           Sheffield    vs    Imperial                                                            

  1. Saturday July 7 – NYCR Double wicket (SV 108 #1, #2)



Sunday July 8 – NYCR Double wicket (SV 108 #1, #2)



  1. Saturday July 14

Mpk A     Queensbury   vs  Middlesex

Mpk B     Panthers    vs    Travel Treat

Mpk C     Imperial    vs    Diplomats

Mpk D     Youth Game

SV           Sheffield    vs   Cavaliers


Sunday July 15 – Nations Cup (SV 108)



  1. Saturday July 21

Mpk A     Imperial    vs   Middlesex

Mpk B     Queensbury    vs    Wanderers

Mpk C     Cavaliers   vs   Panthers

Mkp D     Diplomats   vs   Sheffield

SV           Youth Game


Sunday July 22

Mpk A     Imperial    vs   Queensbury

Mpk B     Travel Treat    vs    Sheffield

Mpk C     Cavaliers    vs    Wanderers

SV           Panthers    vs    Middlesex


  1. Saturday July 28

Mpk A      Queensbury   vs   Panthers

Mpk B      Diplomats   vs   Imperial

Mpk C      Cavaliers    vs    Middlesex

Mpk D      Youth Game

SV           Wanderers     vs    Travel Treat


Sunday  July 29

Mpk A      Diplomats    vs    Cavaliers

Mpk B      Travel Treat    vs   Queensbury

Mpk C      Middlesex    vs    Imperial

SV            Sheffield    vs   Wanderers

  1. Saturday August 4  ——  – Nations Cup


Sunday August 5

Mpk A         Panthers     vs    Sheffield

Mpk B         Middlesex     vs    Diplomats

Mpk C         Travel Treat     vs    Imperial

SV               Wanderers    vs     Queensbury

  1. Saturday August 11

Mpk A      Wanderers   vs    Panthers

Mpk B       Middlesex   vs   Sheffield                        

Mpk C      Imperial   vs   Cavaliers

Mpk D      Youth Game

SV            Queensbury    vs    Diplomats

Sunday August 12

Mpk A     Wanderers    vs   Cavaliers

Mpk B     Travel Treat   vs   Diplomats

Mpk C     Panthers   vs   Imperial

SV            Sheffield   vs   Middlesex

  1. Saturday August 18 — 35 Overs KO 1st  Round

Mpk A    Team A    vs   Team  B

Mpk B     Team C   vs    Team D

Mpk C    Team E   vs    Team F

Mpk D     Team G    vs    Team H

Team I — Bye

Sunday August 19 ———- NO  GAMES

SV          Diplomats    vs    Guest

  1. Saturday August 25  —- 35 Overs KO 2nd Round

Mpk A     Winner Team AB     vs    Team  I

Mpk B      Youth Game

Mpk C     Winner Team  CD    vs  Winner Team EF

Mpk D      Youth Game

SV            Youth Game

Winner Team — GH — Bye


Sunday  August 26  —- 35 Overs KO Semi Finals

Mpk C    Team ABI    vs   Team  GH

Winner Team CDEF ——- Bye

  1. Saturday  September 1 – Labor Day Wkend —–  Nations Cup





Sunday September 2 – Labor Day Wkend


  1. Saturday September 8 —– Play Offs – September Games Starts @ 12

Mpk A      Team  # 4    vs    Team # 1

Mpk C      Team # 3    vs    Team 2

Sunday September 9 — 35 Overs KO Finals

Mpk C     Winner Team ABIGH     vs   Winner Team CDEF


Saturday September 15 — T20 KO Games First Round

Mpk A    Team  B    vs    Team C

Mpk B    Team  D   vs    Team E

Mpk C    Team F    vs    Team G

Mpk D    Team H    vs   Team I

Team A —- Bye

Sunday September 16 — Regular Season Championship

Mpk C        Winner Team #4, # 1    vs     Winner Team # 3, # 2

  1. Saturday September 22 – T20 2nd Round

Mpk A     Winner Team  BC    vs    Team  A

Mpk C     Winner Team DE     vs    Team FG

Winner Team HI —- Bye


Sunday September 23 —  T20 Semi Finals

Mpk C    Winner Team  BCA     vs   Winner  Team  HI

Winner Team DEFG —— Bye

  1. Saturday September 29 —– T20 Championship

Mpk C     Winner Team BCAHI    vs   Winner Team DEFG





Please Note That The Schedule Is Subject To Changes As Per The Needs Of The

Brooklyn Cricket League Inc., 2012


















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