2012 EACA Power40 Format Updated

Zone Round Robin

 The 16 registered teams are separated into two zones, Zone I & Zone II. Zones were based on the 2011 40-Over season ranking. New teams joining the league were pulled out of a hat to assign rankings. The full ranking list at the start of the season was/is:




 Meten Meer Zorg CC


 Atlantis CC


 Big Apple CC


 Richmond Hill CC


 Hillside SC


 Liberty SC


 Victory CC


 Enmore CC


 Long Island United CC


 East Side Warriors CC


 Arsenal CC


 Phantoms CC


 Falcon CC


 Camelot CC


 AllStar CC

Teams in the two zones are listed in the EACA points table mailed out after weeks 1 & 2.

The first stage of the EACA Power40 competition will be an inter-zone, round robin format. At the end of the 7 games teams will be re-ranked in their zone based on points and net run rate.

A & B Division Round Robin

After re-ranking, the top four teams from Zone I and top four from Zone II will be placed in the EACA Power40 A Division. Similarly the bottom four teams from each zone will be placed in the EACA Power40 B Division. An inter-division round-robin round will be played.

A & B Division Playoffs

 Following the 2 round robin stages the teams will be re-ranked in their respective divisions based on points and net run rate from all 14 games played at this point. Division playoffs will then be played to determine the EACA Power40 Champion.

Playoff Format NOTE: This format takes precedence over what is stated in the playing conditions (there will be no Quarter-Finals due to only 8 teams being in each Division).

Stated below is applicable to both the A & B division. The premier 40 Overs Champion (THE EACA POWER40 CHAMPION) will be taken from the A Division by following this format. The B Division champion, according to this format also, will be recognized as the THE EACA POWER40 B-DIVISION CHAMPION.

EACA Power40 Semi-Finals: One alternate day set in the event of rain out. Should the alternate day also rain out #1 & #2 in the respective divisions will play the final to determine the champion.

Semi-Final 1:

Division #1 vs Devision #4

 Semi-Final 2:

Devision #2 vs Division #3

 EACA Power40 Final: One alternate day set in the event of a rain out. Should the alternate day for the final be rained out the team with the higher # of points/net run rate slated to compete in the final will be the winner of the tournament.

Semi-Final 1 winner vs Semi-Final 2 winner

Hosts and grounds for the playoff games will be announced at a later date.
The ‘EACA T20 Blitz’ format will also be announce at a later date.
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