Strong, Youthful Guyana Sqaud named for Roy Sweeney Benefit

Guyana have named a strong but youthful squad for the Roy Sweeney Benefit. Six players with national  experience have been including, Former USA Captain Steve Massiah who will be at the helm.  Azurdeen Mohammed, Akeem Dodson, Clain Williams, Quasen Alfred, and veteran paceman Kevin Darlington complete the senior list. Romeno Deane, Andre Kirton, and Karan Ganesh will bring their regional experience to the table. The squad is completed with familiar faces like Zaheer Saffie, Rocky Kowchai,  Kaveshwar Bridgepaul, Ryan Gildharry and newcomer Altaas Habibulla. Linden Fraser with serve as coach, along side manager Iqbal Sheriff, with Kerk Higgins and Debo Sankar as selectors.

Guyana has adopted a more progressive outlook in the current selection by allowing the more youthful talent take on the responsibility of representing their nation. Guyana opens the challenge against Barbados at Floyd Bennet  on Saturday, June 16th at 11 am, while Trinidad and Tobago face Jamaica at 3pm. The winners will contest the finals on Saturday, June 23rd preceded by an All-star encounter  10 am at Floyd Bennett. Come out and sport this effort, especially as Mr. Sweeney is a very avid promote for Cricket in the New York. We all remember the West Indies tour at Floyd Bennett in 2006. Mr Sweeney is currently ailing and it is encouraged to support the charitable event.

Full Squad: Steve Massiah* (United Sports CWL), Azurdeen Mohammed, Rocky Kowchai (MMZ EACA), Akeem Dodson (Sheffield BCL), Clain Williams, Zaheer Saffie(Big Apple EACA), Quasen Alfred (Liberty MCL), Kevin Darlington (Bedessee/Pioneer MCL), Romeno Deane (Diplomats BCL), Andre Kirton (Middlesex BCL), Karan Ganesh (Everest/ACS EACA),  Kaveshwar Bridgepaul (Atlantis EACA), Altaas Habibulla (Hillside EACA), and Ryan Gildharry (Galaxy, CWL) Linden Fraser (coach),  Iqbal Sheriff (manager), and Kirk Higgins (selector).

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