New York Region Clash With Atlantic

By Dyon Ravello

New York Region with contest three matches against Atlanic Region on August 4th at Marine Park. NYCR will play three 50 over matches with under 21, under 18 and under 15 units. As part on the Regions iniative to continue regional play at time when National competition is few and far between, NYCR has partner with Atlantic and North East Regions to compete at the next level.

NYCR youth teams will visit New Jersey on August 24th on the return leg of their meeting with Atlantic. National batsman, Azurdeen Mohammed will lead the U-21 squad while National youth player Amarnauth Persaud will walk out as the U-19 skipper. The squads are listed below:

Come Play With Us

NYCR U-21: Azurdeen Mohammed (Captain), Gregory Sewdial (Vice Captain), Faisal Taj, Cameron Mirza, Alex Amsterdam Dino Chu Wee Naam, Terrance Madramootoo, Rohan Burrell, Trinson Carmichael,  Rocky Kowchai, Faraz  Hanif (wicketkeeper), Ahsan Riaz, Yogindra Das, and Awaz Hasilder

NYCR U-18: Amarnauth Persaud  (Captain), Zahib Tariq  (Vice Captain), Troy Mars, Bjorn Brown, Sajib Salam, Brandon Boodoo, Bilal Khan, Ayaz Mohammed, Syed Hussain, Waqas Shah, Tanveer Khan (wkpr), Hamza Rana, Mohammed Islam,  and Chris Singh

This development program will continue with all members including those omitted for this weekend’s contest. The players missing will continue to compete for places especially with a return leg carded for August 24th. See below for reserve list:

NYCR U-21 reserves: Kavishwar Bridgepaul, Regis Burton, Hugh Craig, Rasheem James, Haraldo Marshall, Trevor Singh, Clifford Hamilton,  Jazeb Tariq, Abrar Zafar, Anwer Khan, Sharma Sukhdeo, Rayhanul Islam, Abhijeed Singh Pathania, and Prashant Nair

NYCR U18 reserves: Randall Wilson, Trevis Ross, Rafeek Nazeer, Danraj Hansraj, Zafaar Yusuf, Redwonur Khan, Mohammed Hossain SM Rahman, Ujerm Galloway, Kamran Hussain, Fahad Riaz, Ibnul Rafi, Vishavjeet Singh Pathania, and Mohib Tariq

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1 Response to New York Region Clash With Atlantic

  1. Royo Sankar says:

    Thakur Singh should be Included. He’s done well for LCC in the current Eaca a Division, young and disciplined.

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