Predict Team America In Final Div. 4 Match v. Singapore

Azurdeen Mohammed on his second Asian Tour with Team USA

Team America needs a win to have a chance at Division 3. A win against Singapore coupled with a Nepali victory over Denmark will launch Team USA into ICC Division in 2013. Nadkarni has been consistent will the bat as Shuja, Hutchinson, and Ghous have been doing the good with the ball. There have been concerns with Robin Singh’s tactics, when he have stuck with Aditya Thyagarajan, Aditya Mishra and Orlando Baker all of whom are yet to impress after four matches. Decision day looms on Saturday 9th against the Singaporeans with Akeem Dodson, Azurdeen Mohammed and Abhimanyu Rajp waiting in the wings for another chance at a national cap. Predict tomorrows eleven make your selection:

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