NYCR Gives Coaches Vote Of Confidence Over Concerned Parent

NYCR Release: 
In the light of the release of the complaint submitted in anonymity “Concerned Parent”, the New York Cricket Region (NYCR) expresses its confidence in its Coaches and Administrators within the organization. Following the official complaint lodged with the national governing United States of America Cricket Association (USACA). The New York Cricket Region requested all relevant information from USACA, and in effort to launch its own investigation into the said matter, was denied the said information. As a result, the New York Cricket region had no choice but to deem the allegations brought against several of its coaches as unfounded. Chairman of the New York Region, Lester Hooper stated that “if the original complainant wishes to file a complaint directly with the region at a later time, all efforts will be made to commence a fair and just investigation.” The NYCR will like to express its gratitude to the said individual(s) who vested their time in expressing their concern in ensuring that cricket in this region is ran with integrity and transparency.
The NYCR will continue to work under the leadership of Head Coach, Mr. Linden Fraser, who continues to deliver yeoman’s work at all levels, Men’s Senior, Youth and especially so with the Women’s Game. Mr Milton Pydanna remaining under consideration following his successful stint with the national under-15 Team in 2011. Likewise Youth Coordinator, Mr. Nigel Harper must be commended for diligent his work during the successful youth series this past summer. Applauds to Under-15 Manager Mr. Rudy John for his tireless efforts. Special kudos to Mr. Ricky Kissoon on his appointment to the USACA National Youth Committee as we remain ever grateful for his continued work within the region. 
Mr. Hooper continued by stating “I will like to extend my appreciation, to the members of the NYCR administration, Women’s Coordinator Ms. Venelda Wallace, Youth Coordinator, Mr. Harper, Secretary Mr. Linden Dodson, Umpire Coordinator Mr. Steve Kalloo, Treasurer Mr. Patrick Sutherland, Marketing Coordinator, Mr Dyon Ravello, USACA Representative, Mr Krish Prasaud, League Presidents: Brookyln Cricket League: Mr. John Wilson, Metropolitan Cricket League: Mas Bailey, American League: Mr Wesley King, Eastern American Cricket Association: Rudy Persaud, New York United League: Mr. Milford Lewis, and Commonwealth League: Mr Leslie Lowe. Special Thanks to Mr. Fitzroy Hayles United States America Cricket Umpires Association (USACUA) President, Mr Chubby Bedessee, Bedessee Sporting Goods, Ms. Stephanie Power, Mr. Hussain Rana and SA Sports. Specials recognition goes out to the PSAL, NYPD, Clubs, Players, Umpires, Sponsors, Fans and Supporters for another successful New York Cricket Season. We look forward to the continued development and success of cricket within our community and its stakeholders.”

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