Liberty SC Volunteers In Hurricane Sandy Recovery

By Danesh Deonarain


Members and supporters of Liberty Sports Club joined in the efforts to aid in the recovery from super-storm, hurricane Sandy. The group gathered up clothing and food supplies and headed out to help in Coney Island, Brooklyn, one of the local areas severely affected by the storm.


On Saturday, November 10th, about a week and a half after the devastating natural disaster hit the Tri-State area, the impact of the storm was still very evident. Driving into the area there were signs of flood damage on buildings and non-functioning traffic light indicative of power still not restored to some neighborhoods. Closer to the famous Coney Island beach mounds of sand up to 10ft high lined the streets among the countless fallen trees. The once picturesque Coney Island beach and boardwalk was littered with debris in the backdrop of the majestic Coney Island theme park.


The LSC group chipped in and brought warm coffee and donuts along with the clothing and food supplies to what can be described to the local recovery center in the parking lot of the MCU Park. The group joined organizations such as City Harvest and Red Cross and helped with organizing the handing out of food, cleaning and clothing supplies to the affected residents.

The overall experience was humbling and reminded that help in the communities most affected by the storm is very much still needed. The local residents were very appreciative of the efforts from all the volunteers with countless thank-you’s, handshakes and hugs.


LSC would like to extend a particular thank you to those who took the time out to join us in volunteering efforts on Saturday.

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