NY Region Preseason Continues


Promoting the World's Best Game,

Promoting the World’s Best Game,

The New York Cricket Region invites all players from Under 15, Under 19, Womens and Mens to participate in winter training. Sessions continues each Saturday, all players interested representing the region are urged to contact Coach Fraser 646 235 3243, for afternoon sessions from 5pm till 7pm players are asked to arrive at 4:15 pm. Players are asked contribute $20.00.

Winter sessions are geared toward regional preparation for National tournament this year. Additionally senior players have a priceless opportunity to address National selectors in preparation for the ICC Americas T20 tournament in March as well as the ICC World Division 3 Tournament in Bermuda this April and Nation Under 19’s in July.

 Winter Session at: Storm Basketball Academy 45 Cherry Valley Avenue, West Hempstead, NY 11552
The following players are invited to attend. Players not listed, but interested in participating in regional competition are cordially invited.

 Steve Massiah (United Sports), Akeem Dodson (Sheffield CC), Azurdeen Mohammed (MMZ) Trinson Carmichael (NYYCCC) Andre Kirton, Nicholas Stanford (Atlantis), Adrian Gordon, Karan Ganesh (ACS Everest) Gregory Sewdial (ACS Everest) Carl Wright, Dino Cho Wee Nam, Rocky Kowchai (MMZ) 10. Kaveshwar Bridgepaul (Atlantis), Rishaad Marshall (Villagers) Brian Murphy (River Valley) Quasen Alfred (Liberty) Francis Mendonca (Big Apple), Prashant Nair (Atlantis),Keon Lake (Atlantis) Faisal Taj (Cosmos) Dwayne Hurley (Atlantis) Dominic Audain (Middlesexx) Jazeb Tariq, Imran Mahzar (Punjab), Alex Amsterdam (Atlantis), Abrar Zafar (Punjab) Casper Davis Jr (Atlantis), Denroy George (Sheffield) Camran Mirza, Ken Lake, Sumon Bari  Maurice Powell, Zaheer Saffie (Big Apple) Shahnawaz (ACS Everest) Michael Noble, Barrington Bartley, Jahanzib Alam, Asad Munawwir (Warriors) Naeem Arif (Punjab), Nousherwan Adil (Panthers), Saliq Iqbal (Panthers), Salman Ahmed (Panthers), Wahab Munir, Zafar Khan (Punjab) 

Under 19:

Amarnauth Persaud (MMZ), Randall Wilson (NYYCC), Troy Mars (Melbourne NY Alliance), Rafique Nazeer (NYYCC), Travis Ross (MMZ), Zahib Tariq, Ayaz Mohammed, Az Cheema, Bilal Khan, Hayat Khan, Saed Haider (Lycans), Tanveer Khan (Warriors), Clifford Hamilton (Atlantis), Sajib Salam (Cosmos), Hamza Rana, MD Islam, Ahsan Riaz, Leon Mohabir, Rohan Burrell, Bjorn Brown, Dhanraj Hansraj, Brandon Boodoo, Kamran Hussain Rana, Sameet Khawaja (Sheffield CC), Waqas Shah, Foisal Mohammed (Lycans) Faisal Ahmed (Lycans), Syed Hussain (BCANA), Faraz Hassan, Shujon (Lycans), Refat (Lycans), Zain Masood, Michael Katwaroo, Brandon Dat

New York Youth Cricketers

Under 15:

Nicholas Harripersad, Surrendra Singh, Rahim Khan, Keifer Phil, Usman Ashraf, Burhan Saeed, Muhammad Shahzad, Syed Abdullah, Hussain Cheema, Khushaud Hamza, Ryan Persaud, Orette Irons, Syed Ahmad, Zain Awan, Steven Chaitram, Syed Ali Javon Blackman, Ryan Shangie, Yousuf Shah, Justin Deopaul, Elliot Bedessee, Shah Hussain and Khari Broomes

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