Full Schedule Across Leagues Along With Liberty BBQ

EACA Power 40 returns after a break during the holiday weekend. MMZ returns to action with a journey to Brentwood as they seek to put some pressure on the latest Zone I leaders Hillside. Hillside face Falcon at the Cage, Baisley Park. With two of three matched carded at Hecksher State Park, Centurion search for their first win against lowly Phantom and Big Apple tackle Camelot.

In Zone II Atlantis face its toughest opposition to date ,in the form of Richmond Hill. Atlantis with have to to dig deep this weekend as they are without Cliff Hamilton, Nicholas Stanford, Alex Amsterdam and Keon Lake. Enmore host Galaxy at Bay Park, Eastside Warriors welcome Everest to Brentwood and Allstars and Victory at Lido Beach

Zone I

LSC BBQMeten-Meer-Zorg  v. LIUCC @ Brentwood II
Centurion v. Phantom @ Hecksher I
Hillside Sports Club v. Falcons @ Baisley
Big Apple v. Camelot @ Hecksher III
Zone II
Atlantis v. RHCC @ Hecksher II
Enmore v. Galaxy @ Bay Park
ESW v. Everest @ Brentwood I
Allstars v. Victory @ Lido Beach
American League:
June 1:
Cambridge  v. Pakistan @ Canarsie Oval

Casablanca v. Pak Kashmir @ 108 th Street
Challengers v. Kingsgrove @ 88th Street

Jazba v. Kings XI @ Idlewild Park

Victorian v. Somerset @ Baisley Pond
June 2:
Queens United v. West Indian @ Idlewild Park
Melbourne NY Alliance v. Somerset @ Baisley Pond
Victorian v. Ardsley @ 108 th Street
MVP v. Punjab @ 88th Street
Warriors v. Jazba @ Far Rockaway
Brooklyn League:
June 2:
Queensbury v. Middlesexx @ Marine Park A
Diplomats v. NY Youths @ Marine Park B
Imperial v. Pak Stallions @ Marine Park C
St Catherine v. Panthers @ Seaview, 108th Street
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