American College Cricket Name All American List

An “All America” team is an honorary team from any college sport in the USA, composed of outstanding players – in other words, an all star team; & is referred to as “All Americans”. A squad of 16 was named by American College Cricket :

Rikin Parikh      (UMBC Retreivers) – Captain
Asghar Abdullah Sheikh   (U of S. Florida Bulls)                       
Divya Patel     (Arkansas State Red Wolves)      
Hayat Khan     (Boston U Terriers)                                  
Rohan Uttarwar  (   Wayne State Warriors)                        
Sai Ramesh    (U of S.Florida Bulls)
Sher Tareen    (Harvard Crimson)         
Murali Ankaraju    (U of Memphis Tigers)                     
Digant Samant     (UMBC Retreivers )
Raghav Bharadwaj    (UMBC Retreivers)
Adil Bhatti    (Montgomery College Raptors)
Umer Syed    (U of Texas,Arlington Mavericks)
Krunal Bhange    (U of S. Florida Bulls)
Prashanth Manne    (U of Houston Clearlake Hawks)
Gurnish Singh    (UMBC Retreivers)
Sohail Chaudhry    (W. Virginia U Mountaineers)
NAcmumc (2)
Rikin Parikh, Captain of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), winners of the Shiv Chanderpaul Trophy at the 2013 American College Cricket National Championship was named as Captain of the All American team.
An All America 2nd Team will be named. In addition,whilst the number of Canadian teams playing was not enough to allow selection of an All Canada team, the following players warranted that designation:
Hassan Mirza (Ryerson)
Harsh Desai (Ryerson)
Players must have played in the 2013 American College Cricket National Championship to be eligible, but performances from the Regionals, and Home & Away matches were among the criteria.


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