Emmanuel, Ravello Too Much For NYCR

Umpires Association Retain Memorial Challenge

usacuaStaged within the backdrop of Labor Day, Brooklyn Carnival festivities, The United States of America Cricket Umpires Association(USACUA), held its second annual Memorial Challenge. Canarsie Oval at 80th street hosted the auspicious occasion, which recognized the contributions for Officials who had made their impression on the American game (Cricket).

Long before match day, the enthusiasm  and hype had being built around the respective representation. In 2012 Dyon Ravello had led the regional selection, ending second in a literal photo-finish. This term the Umpires sort to fortify their claim to Ravello, who for the second occasion qualified for both Association and Region. Following much negotiation, the Region relinquished not just Ravello, but, Jacob Emmanuel and Milford Lewis too, all of whom had adorned regional gear a summer earlier.

As the proceedings began USACUA President, Fitzroy Hayles made special mention of Lennox Douglas, Jerry Kishun, Owen Roberts, Henrietta Scott, Lee Roberts, Don Harris, and Lloyd Thompson. From the list umpires who had served locally and abroad as well as key financial donors. Once a moment of silence had been observed, New York Region took first strike after winning the toss.

For the second time NYCR were first to bat, with Chairman Lester Hooper and Cyril Choy taking advantage of the loose deliveries on offer. Hooper signaled his intentions early with some sharp running between the wickets. Choy was up for the challenge, but was undone by a direct hit by USACUA captain Qayaam Farooq, 18/1. Former West Indies batsman, Shiv Sewnarine joined Hooper as the pair ended the mandatory field restriction at 47/1 scoring 7.83 per over.

The bowling pair for Lionel Francis (1/21) and Emmanuel (1/19) tightened the screws for the Umpires, accounting for 8 overs which conceded a mere 32 runs at 5.20 per over. At 56, Francis had Hooper (19) stumped by Lewis. Sewnarine’s cameo of 27 was ended as Emmanuel breached the gates, 65/3. With six overs left Ricketts removed Cliff Roye 18, Lewis completing his second stumping. Derrick Kallicharran 28 and Sham Ali 18 provided the momentum to see the regional selection close at 149/6.

Set a competitive 150 for 120 balls at 7.5 runs per over, the Umpires suffered an early setback as Farooq was caught at point off the second delivery of the innings, Sam Bellnevis the bowler. Ravello was not daunted, seeing the back of his skipper as he found a capable partner in Deoraj Sewnanan. The pair mixed aggression with quick running, while respecting the good deliveries. At the end of the field restriction the umpire were 16 runs behind at 33/1, compared to the Region at a similar stage.  Sewnanan (27) turned up the tempo with some lusty blows before he was run out looking for another quick single.

With the scores about par at the end of the ninth over, entered Jacob Emmanuel. In the eleventh over Emmanuel whipped Roye to cow corner for a maximum, in an over which saw the score skyrocket from 75/2 to 95/2. Kallicharran conceded 16 off his only over as the equation was reduced to 39 runs off 48 balls. As if that was not enough to deflate the administration, Emmanuel’s four boundaries, one of which was a switch-hit in the fourteenth over surely did. Ravello remained unbeaten on 41 providing the foundation for Emmanuel to score 50 at a fiery rate of 227.30. Umpires completed a convincing seven wicket win with 18 deliveries to spare.

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