PAK-NY T20 Bowls Off, Sept 21

NY Twenty20 Cricket Tournament

Saturday 21st Sep. 2013,

 80th St. Canarsie

Scorpion v/s Bedessee   9.00 am                  Scorpion v/s P.T.I           1.00 pm

88th St. Canarsie

Punjab  v/s  Kings Xl      9.00 am                     Punjab   v/s Warriors     1.00 pm

108 St. Canarsie

NY Tigers v/s P.T.I          9.00 am                       NY Tigers v/s  Bedessee 1.00 pm

Baisley Pond

Melbourne v/s  Jazba       9.00 am                       Melbourne v/s BKLN star 1.00 pm

Marine Park C.

Pak  Stallions v/s F/Bush 9.00 am                       Jazba              v/s Striker   1.00 pm

Marine Park D.

MMZ super    v/s BKLN knights 9.00 am          MMZ super    v/s Pak. Stallions 1.00 pm


Shadi khan    v/s Warriors          9.00 am              Shadi khan     v/s Kings Xl          1.00 pm

America Cricket Academy, will give another shot, after a runners-up finish in April.

America Cricket Academy, will give another shot, after a runners-up finish in April.

Sunday Sep. 22nd 

223rd St. Idlewild Park

MMZ          v/s        ACA              9.00 am                  MMZ          v/s        F/Bush        1.00pm

Baisley Pond

Bk. Knight v/s       Pak. Stallions  9.00am              ACA           v/s       Pak. Stallions  1.00pm

88th St. Canarsie

Hameed Xl  v/s    NY Tigers          9.00am              Hameed Xl  v/s    Bedessee         1.00pm

108th St.Ground 1

Pkucc         v/s    Punjab c c        1.00pm

108th St.Ground 2

Bedessee    v/s    P T I                  9.00am                     NY Tigers    v/s    Scorpion           1.00pm

MP “C”

Kings Xl      v/s    Warriors            1.00pm

Stanislaus to continue at the helm as ACA enters PAKNY T20

Stanislaus to continue at the helm as ACA enters PAKNY T20


    GROUP “A”                                              GROUP “C”

1. SCORPION C.C.                                   1. PK C.C.

2. BEDESSEE Destroyers                       2 .PUNJAB

3. PTI C.C.                                                   3. WARRIORS C.C

4. NY TIGERS                                             4. KINGS XI

5. HAMEED XI                                            5. SHADI KHAN XI


    GROUP “B”                                              GROUP”D’

1. PAK STALLIONS                                  1. TRI STAR C.C

2. BKLYN KNIGHTS                                 2. BKLYN STAR C.C

3. MMZ SUPER STARS                            3. JAZBA C.C


5. FLATBUSH XI                                        5. MELBOURNE NY ALLIANCE


Every team has to play four matches in their group, two top teams will

qualify from each group for the quarterfinal.Semi Final “A” v/s “D”

& “B” v/s “C”

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PAKNY T20 Cricket Tournament Rules:

1. Every team must have to register their team’s names (16 member’s squad) before start of the tournament including first and last name as per ID.

2. One player cannot represent 2 teams in this tournament.

3. Any team want to withdraw from the tournament, they must have to inform to committee at least 24 hours before start of the competition or any team fail to pay the tournament fee $300/- each committee have a right to include any other team on the same place without any intimation to other participating teams.

4. Twenty teams divided into four groups; each group comprises five teams. Each team have to play four games in their group (League basis). Top two teams will play Quarter Final. WINNER 4 Points TIED & Rainout 2 Points Looser NIL

5. The match will be consisting of 20 overs each side.

6. Toss must be at the latest fifteen minutes before the schedule time.

7. Team names must be given including a 12th man to the umpires before the toss.

8. 30 minutes of grace period allowed for the teams.

9. Match starting time: see schedule above

10. Any team failed to reach the ground after 30 minutes of schedule time will be consider as a defeated team.

11. Only 2 fielders allowed outside the circle in 6 overs power play and no more than 5 fielders for the remaining 14 overs. Incase of violation umpire should call “NO BALL”.

12. One bowler can bowl 4 overs.

13. Any dangerous or out of reach or shoulder high delivery should call a “NO BALL”

14. Ball delivered out side the leg stump and outside the mark on off stump must call a “WIDE BALL” by the umpires.

15. A free hit should be called on foot fault “NO BALL” the free hit delivery must be a legal and fair delivery, otherwise the free hit will continue until a fair ball is bowled.

16. Due to weather and light, the umpires have right to reduce the overs.

17. Incase, match ended prematurely due to above reasons & tie in the play off Super over will decide the winner.

18. The home team shall be responsible to fix matting over the pitch and covering the pitch up to bowler’s foot marks.

19. Failing to above arrangements, the match will be awarded to other team. The standard white cricket ball and color uniform to be use in competition.

20. Protest must be submitted to the umpires or officials of the tournament immediately after match along with 500/- protest fee non refundable either reject or accept.

21. Umpires coordinator will nominate the umpires for every match. Any objection for the nominations of the umpires will not accept.

22. Umpiring fee $ 60/- have to pay by each team before the game.

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