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Road To Indianapolis 2014-2016 US Men’s National Championship

Promoting the World's Best Game!

Promoting the World’s Best Game!

The New York Cricket Region (NYCR) has launched its 2013-2014 Fundraising Campaign. NYCR is invites, investors, businesses and donors to Partner through a number of programs. NYCR is responsible for the administration and promotion, will provide return on investment for each partner by bridging organizations with targeted market.

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NYCR offers a list of program from its representative teams, leagues and facilities. As a member of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) NYCR, will campaign for national glory, at USACA’s 2014 Mens National Championship, from August 21-24, Indianapolis, Indiana. Dubbed “Road To Indy 2014-2016” is just one of the commercials opportunities available. Other opportunities includes but are not limited to:

  • NYCR Women’s
  • NYCR Under-19
  • NYCR Under-15
  • Sponsor A League: AL, BCL, CCL, EACA, MDCA, NYCL
  • Build A Cricket Stadium
  • Build a Net

NYCR offers an integrated marketing mix, which to ensure a worthwhile investment. NYCR presents an opportunity for you to be part of youth and community development. For full details contact Fundraising Coordinator, Dyon Ravello via email: or call 917-266-5395.


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