New York Division I?

Would you pit Westbury Against Big Apple, Imperial v Jazba?

So for the past 10 years we have played league cricket not knowing if a hundred in the Metropolitan League is comparable to an Eastern American ton or any of the other four leagues. Following Villagers’ record break treble winning 2013 season, which included a 34 match winning streak, there has been calls for the best to face off the best as in Big Apple, EACA Champions, Jazba, Primose, and Imperial?

Here Goes NY Division I 201X:

Has Metro I, Metro II, Brooklyn I, Brookyln II, EACA I, EACA 11, American I, American II, Commonwealth I, Commonwealth 11, NY I, NY II. Twelve of the Region’s best New York’s best. With the Six league winners of 201X earning a berth in Division I in 201Y.

Prize Money, 50 Over cricket, the higher octane cricket. This ability to take New York back to the top of the American Cricket Totem Pole.  Would you say no to this proposal the opportunity to complete against the best while maintaining the novelty of each League?

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