WICB, USACA Announce Partnership

USACA Move To Improve American Cricket Standard

windiesSt John’s, Antigua – In a move designed to open up more high performance cricket opportunities for United States players, and accelerate cricket development in the USA, the West Indies Cricket Board and USACA today announced a long term joint partnership.

As part of the partnership, a member of the WICB Board of Directors will sit on the USACA board. This will facilitate, among other things, the exchange of higher performing players from USACA member leagues and clubs into WICB development programs. In addition, USACA’s new Chief Executive Officer will have a position on the WICB’s Chief Executive Committee to help develop stronger economic best practices going forward for the US market.

WICB President Mr. Whycliffe ‘Dave’ Cameron commented: “This is the right way for us to help develop the US market. We are going to be engaged on a day-to-day basis on the three core pillars for development. The closeness of a full member country to the US means we can easily help develop pinnacle performance in US players as well as build a stronger base for economic development hand-in-hand with USACA.”

“We will rapidly build plans and open up infrastructure for bringing top US players into the West Indian development system, and we are supporting the finalization of the current USACA governance changes,” Cameron added.

USACAGladstone Dainty, USACA President noted, “having the opportunity to work closely with another full member country offers exciting opportunities for US players looking to sharpen skills and experiences with world-class cricketers.  The ongoing sharing of best practices on sponsorships, high performance development and governance with the WICB gives USACA access to a very close geographic partner that can help drive the development of the sport in the US on a day to day basis.”

“The WICB will also, via their board member on the USACA board, support the governance change program that the USACA board is currently managing. This is a long-term strategy to help build the three foundations for a highly successful US cricketing market: high performance development, models for economic growth and modern day governance.”

 John Thickett the USACA Treasurer said, that it is, “very exciting that the WICB is dedicating the time and resources to working with us on these three pillars. Both regions and leagues preparing for the national championships in Indianapolis, and youth players looking for development opportunities in their futures should see this as a very beneficial long term development.”

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