New York Shortlist 32 For National T20

New York Cricket Region Investing In Youth For USACA T20

Promoting the World's Best Game!

Promoting the World’s Best Game!

The New York Cricket Region (NYCR) has invited  32 players to prepare for the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) National Twenty/20 Tournament this fall. This selection comes on the heels of the NYCR’s Inter-League T20 Tournament which feature five leagues and a NYCR Under-25 team. NYCR’s Inter-League T20 Final is carded for July 26th at Baisley Pond Cricket Park at 9:30 am, with American League NY versus Metropolitan League.

The following player have been invited to attend a screening session at Baisley Pond Cricket Park on Wednesday 23rd July from 5:30pm:

Metropolitan: Steve Massiah, Rashard Marshall, Akeem Dodson, Barrington Bartley, George Adams, Keith Eddy, Mikey Alexis, Dennis Evans, Keifer Phill, Javein Thomas, Faisal Taj, Sajib Salam

American: Andre Lindsay, Waqas Shah, Tariq, Amir

cricket let's play usaEastern American: Karan Ganesh, Zaheer Saffie, Alex Amsterdam, Prashant Nair, Adam Sanford, Trevis Ross, Azurdeen Mohammed, Randall Wilson, Rafeek Nazeer, Keon Lake, Casper Davis Jr., Himendra Ramdihal, Zamal Khan, Terrence Madramootoo, Trinson Carmichael

New York: Omar Roye,

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