2014 WICUA Final Written Examination Results


This year forty three (43) candidates wrote the WICUA 2014 Final Written examination, 98% or forty two candidates pass the examinations. The 2014 WICUA top candidate is BERNADETTE REID of Jamaica, her score was 98%, and the second highest mark came from RAJESH BABU-JALLI of USA who attained a score of 96% in the final written examination. Congratulations to all successful candidates.

Based on the above results, WICUA is well on its way at strengthening the resources of professional Umpires. Let me say to that you have just completed step 2 in the career path of a qualified umpire. Your next focus should be getting your mind and body in the game of play, standing behind the wicket is not an easy task but your trainers will ensure that you are prepared for your next stage in becoming a qualified WICUA umpire.

Let me urge on WICUA’s unsuccessful candidate, this is not the end, go back review the laws ask your lecturer/s for guidance, work with your fellow colleagues to understand the laws and come back at the next sitting and make a good attempt at the paper.

Special thank you to my fellow WICUA lecturers for your time spent at ensuring the success of our future WICUA umpires.


Clyde Cumberbatch

Chairman, Training & Examination Committee

ANTIGUA: Javid Gooding

BARBADOS: Ian White, Trevor A.S. Clement, Ernle Fields, Shane Mullin, Desmond Osbourne, Anderson A Mc Lean, and John Martin-Collymore.

CANADA: Mathew J. Francis and Kamal Deepseita

GUYANA: Javid Persaud

JAMAICA: Bernadette Reid, Richard Thomas, David Forester, Courtney Campbell, Robert Foster, Kemar Jarett, Artie Aranseiva and Maurice Green

ST MAARTEN: Brian Solomon and Linehe Mc Farlane

ST. KITTS: Eardley Nisbett

ST. VINCENT: Maria Abbott Shavrone Clarke and Atron Byam

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Hosein Khan and Deolal Ramnath

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Rajesh Babu-Jalli, Petula S. Felkin, Ragopathy Venkata, Dyon Ravello and Dervon Wallace


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