WICUA 2015 Examination Results have been announced. USACUA is thrilled to announce that their candidates have performed excellently in these examinations.

The Secretary of USACUA, Mr. Mohamed S. Baksh had the following to convey to the membership:

On behalf of the President, Executives and Members of USACUA, congratulations are extended to Umpires Aveek Gangopadhay and Rajesh Babujalli for being the candidates who attained the most marks throughout the West Indies, Canada and USA at the recently concluded WICUA Final Written and Practical and Oral Examinations respectively. The achievement of these two umpires exemplifies the rewards that can be attained with hard work and dedication.
Below are the Umpires who were successful at the Final Written and Practical and Oral Examinations. USACUA entered seventeen (17) candidates for both examinations, all of our candidates were successful.

Final Written Examination

  1. Aveek Gangopadhyay
  2. Gift Jayakar
  3. Adrian O’Donell Hinds
  4. Darcy King
  5. Allan Ramlogan
  6. Ramsaran Parasram
  7. Lawrence Jaggon
  8. Vernon Cambell

Practical and Oral Examination

  1. Rajesh Babujalli
  2. Dyon Ravello
  3. Wilton Ricketts
  4. Petula Samuels-Felicien
  5. Abdul Sattar
  6. Narendra Ekanayake
  7. Jacob Emmanuel
  8. Muhammad Ali Salahjee
  9. Ragupathy Venkatachalum

I would like to extend to Aveek Gangopadhay and Rajesh Babujalli congratulations. I would like to take this opportunity to advise all of our members who are in the process of getting certified to continue to maintain the high standards that has been set by your colleagues.
The Umpires who were successful at the WICUA Final Written Examination are encouraged to complete their practical assessment this season so that they are eligible to sit the Oral Examination in 2016. Candidates are asked to contact the Secretary or their Trainer for Personal score.

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