Vello Interviews Akeem Dodson, The American Perspective

Akeem Dodson, USA Men's National Wicketkeeper Batsman

Akeem Dodson, USA Men’s National Wicketkeeper Batsman

Akeem Dodson is an American Cricketer who bats in the top order and wicketkeeps. Dodson has represented United States of America since the youth level through to the Mens senior team. Dodson is the most tenured batsman going into the World Cricket League (WCL) Division Four tournament scheduled to begin on October 29th in Los Angeles.

VelloCricket: You were one of the leaders at the World T20 Qualifiers, what is your mindset heading into the Auty Cup and more importantly the WCL Division Four?

Akeem Dodson: Heading into these tournament I want to stay as positive and free minded as possible. Now is the time I want to peak; more so in WCL Division Four than in Auty Cup, one of my initial goals is to use Auty Cup as a warm-up for WCL Division Four, so come October 29th my confidence and skill will be at optimum levels.

VelloCricket: Good news, you had a good World T20 Qualifiers but no so good Regional Super 50 tournament what are some talking points you take from the Regional Super 50?

Akeem Dodson: After taking time to look back on my performances in both tournaments, i think the biggest difference for me was my level of comfort in the side and my confidence in my existing  role. In Ireland my role was clearly defined, I knew exactly what I had to do to make the difference for my team. Where as at NAGICO I was in the midst of the tournament still trying to figure out how to play the roll that was required of me, and I didn’t spend enough time at the crease to learn from my mistakes and eventually correct them. Also my keeping was the real highlight for me at T20 Qualifiers. And in the Super50 where the team structure was much different, it so happened that I wasn’t required to keep as much as I did in Ireland, and that may have affected my performance with the bat. I was able to learn a lot thought those experiences, both good and bad, that has been able to allow me to refine my game both on and off the field.

VelloCricket: What are some steps you are taking prepare for this busy month?

Akeem Dodson: Usually a month before major tournaments the work load gets intense. weight and fitness training, lots of cricket training. The only “special” thing I do really is I remove all social media apps from my phone – it’s just one small thing I adopted as a part of my Mind/Brain training. I feel that FOCUS is key to our success in Division Four, and this helps my focus as I try to free myself from distractions.

VelloCricket:  How confident are you in Team USA’s chances at gaining promotion from Division Four?

Akeem Dodson: I am very confident that we will gain promotion. I think our chances are very high. Within the team there is a genuine hunger to take Cricket USA forward and winning promotion is one of the hurdles we need to get over if we want to see progress.

VelloCricket:  You spoke about role at the Super 50 and the World T20, what kind of role are you expected to play this month or what kind of role would you like to pay ?

Akeem Dodson: This is a confidential topic but I have a full grasp of my role and I have confidences in my ability to execute that role.

VelloCricket: What are your cricket goals for the next 12 months?

Akeem Dodson: Firstly I would like to be able to say I am still playing cricket and performing at the highest level; overall I would say, 12 months from now I would like to be batting and wicketkeeping USA to more progressive pastures.

VelloCricket: Very insightful, what is you take on the approach of the ICC led Admin here in the USA?

Akeem Dodson: I think what the ICC’s work here in the USA has been a positive thing. They have helped to keep cricket moving while USACA gets things in order, and has kept young American Cricketers still hungry for success and progress at the National level. it is not my place to involve myself with the politics of that situation, however from a player’s standpoint I personally was very worried when USACA was suspended because I know what suspension of your governing body can feel like for a young cricketer having gone through that experience before; I remember I missed my final chance to play Under-19 World Cup because of the 2007-2009 suspensions that stagnated USA cricket. From a cricketer’s perspective the ICC presence here in the USA while USACA works toward reinstatement. is that we all have to make an effort to make sure cricket USA does not get stagnated again. because for sure the progress of American Cricket is the progress of Cricket Around the world.

Akeem Dodson: The Word to the USA Cricket Community: Lets Move Forward, Together!


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