Vello Interviews Steven Taylor, The American Perspective

Interview with American Cricketer Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor is an American born cricketer who plays for the United States of America and the Barbados Tridents in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL). Taylor has represented his country at two youth qualifying tournaments while playing List A and Twenty/20 cricket at the senior level. Steven is one of the more experienced players in the USA squad selected to contest the Auty Cup and the World Cricket League Division Four tournaments.

VelloCricket: You missed World T20 qualifying last year for CPL, how does it feel to be back in American colors?

Steven Taylor: It feels great to be back in USA colors, even though I missed out because of CPL it was like I was still there because I was always watching the scorecards of every game they played.

VelloCricket: Definitely a team man, there in spirit! do you feel like if you were in Ireland, USA would have been able to get the elusive one win to have another crack at making it to India this past spring?

Steven Taylor: Good question!But I did feel like we would have won one more but it’s cricket anything can happen at any given time.

VelloCricket: How difficult was the decision to choose CPL over World T20 Qualifiers?

Steven Taylor: The decision was every difficult one but CPL was the one in the end I had to choose because playing with International/Franchise cricket was always my dream.

VelloCricket: The players in the Caribbean have to contend with the Club vs Country dilemma, were you ever concerned about being victimized for choosing the CPL over Team USA?

Steven Taylor: I didn’t think that much into it.

VelloCricket: How was the mood of the camp in Indianapolis?

Steven Taylor: The mood in the camp was good everyone knew what they were there for and made the best of the time there.

VelloCricket: Sounds really good just about two weeks before the Auty Cup, how are you preparing for this month’s busy schedule?

Steven Taylor: In Jamaica as we speak doing some training here.

VelloCricket: Tell me more about the Jamaica training?

Steven Taylor: I’m training with the Jamaica national First Class team on their preparation for the 4-Day Regional Tournament West Indian, Professional Cricket League (PCL).

VelloCricket: You have been involved with CPL, ICC Americas in List As and now training with the Jamaica First Class team, how do you rate these experiences?

Steven Taylor: It’s a not big difference just the level of players are better and physically stronger, because cricket is their profession where we in the States/Americas we have to work outside of cricket.

VelloCricket: What do you make of United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) $70 million deal?

Steven Taylor: I think the USACA deal is something good for cricket in the USA bringing more eyes to the country to let people know that cricket is a big game in the United States of America and you never know might end up getting a sponsor for the national team an making cricket a top sport in the country like baseball and football.

VelloCricket: You are American born you must have played other sport growing up what were some other sports your played?

Steven Taylor: Yes as an American born I played other sports. I played football for a little local park in my neighborhood called SWABJA park did three years of that, Middle school soccer but favorite sport outside of cricket is basketball had a chance to play in high school but the dedication wasn’t there like how it was for cricket.



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