Prashanth Nair Speaks About His Rise to the National Team

Prashanth Nair, former USA U-19, was selected for his maiden Senior International duty.

Prashanth Nair, former USA U-19, was selected for his maiden Senior International Tour.

Prashanth Nair began his cricket career in India with his local club Tripunithura Cricket Club at the tender age of nine. The Kerala native played at the state level in India at under-13 and under-15 before migrating to the United States of America (USA). In New York Nair joined household names like Linden Fraser, Lester Hooper and Clifford Hinds at Tristate Youth. Nair has represented the New York Region at both the youth and senior level. Nair also featured at the global Under-19 Qualifers in Ireland for the USA. Now Nair who has featured at a number of US Open tournaments has earned his maiden senior team call up.



VC: You have played most of your serious cricket here in New York USA how do you rate American cricket?

PN: I think with the talent we have here in this country, it could definitely improve and I believe it will.

VC: How are you adjusting to life on the national team?

PN: To be honest, nothing much has changed. I am just trying to focus on my preparations for the upcoming tournaments. To make it to the team was obviously very exciting, but the real task has just began.

VC: You are definitely a known commodity to American cricket having played at the youth level, the regional level and at US Open, how have those experiences prepared you for the big stage?

PN: I think competing in all those tournaments gave me an opportunity to compare myself to some of the best players in the country and the rest of the world. I was able to test myself against them and see where I am at and also where I need to improve. Everything has been a learning experience for me.

VC: You were the pick of the bowlers in the CPL XI/USA match how would you rate your performance in that match?

PN: Given the situation of the game and also the quality of the players we were playing against, I think I did well. They are professional cricketers, high quality batsmen, and also they were demolishing us. I think going at a rate of about 10 runs per over. So to come on and bowl in those conditions and pick up three quick wickets, I was very happy about that.

VC: How are you preparing for the busy month ahead?

PN: I have been training hard for the past few months. Huge thanks to Mr. Kerk Higgins who has been helping me everyday with practice. I have been doing a lot of spot bowling to work on my bowling. Also I am doing a lot of running to keep myself fit and ready to go.

VC: Have you recovered from your finger injury?

PN: Yes, all good now!

VC: How concerned were you about your chances of making the team when you got injured?

PN: That definitely was the first thing that came to my mind when I got injured. But thanks to the Almighty, I am where I wanted to be.

VC: What are your short term goals since your selection?

PN: I want to make full use of every single opportunity that I get for the upcoming tournaments. No matter what the results are, I will give more than 100% out there in the field. I want to contribute to the team in every possible way I can for that the WIN every game we play.

VC: Who are some players you looked up too growing up or even now?

PN: Born and raised in India, Sachin Tendulkar is an icon to me when it comes to cricket. Shane Warne and Daniel Vettori are probably two of the spinners that I really look up to as well. Nowadays, Virat Kohli, not just for his batting, but also the way he takes care of his fitness. These men show how much the sport means to them and how much hard work and dedication it takes to be the best at what they do.

VC: You captained your local club Atlantis at a very young age, there has been very few youthful captains like you in local New York cricket in recent years how was that experience?

PN: Captaining Atlantis Cricket Club was an honor. I don’t think there are many cricket clubs in this country that have been around for the past 50 years. I think captaining helped me learn more about cricket. It forced me to think more about different situations of the game and make quick decisions. It also helped me become a better bowler and a leader as well. Without the support of my club and my teammates, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

VC: What would you like to achieve in cricket?

PN: To be the best cricketer I can be. That’s what I tried to do the past off season. I worked hard on my craft. That’s what I will keep doing, and I believe everything else will fall in place. I believe in the saying, the harder I work, the luckier I will get!

VC: How confident are you of the USA’s chances at WCL Division Four?

PN:  We will get promoted to Division Three, no matter what. I am not trying to be arrogant here, but the entire team wants it badly. All of us are ready to work hard for what we want. We might not be the most talented cricketers in the world, but we want to be the hardest working cricketers. Hardwork will pay off! I know we have a huge followers of cricket in this country. They are very passionate as well. We need their support. But as players, its our job to gain their support. And that comes from winning. Guess what? We are ready to do whatever it takes to WIN!


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