Timil Patel Talks About His Rise To US National Team

USA Ace Legspinner Timil Patel

Timil Patel was USA's Leading Wicket taker at the World Cricket League Division Four Tournament 2016

Timil Patel was USA’s Leading Wicket taker at the World Cricket League Division Four Tournament 2016

VCJ: How long have you been involved in US cricket?

Timil Patel: Moved to USA in 2010 and have been involved playing local leagues and tournaments, until I made my debut for US in 2012 during the Auty Cup and have been part of the USA squad ever since

VCJ: Where do you play your local cricket?

Timil Patel: Southern California Cricket Association (SCCA) is where I play my local cricket and we have a pretty competitive cricket here in California, and overall in the States is also pretty good competition.

VCJ: So you started playing US cricket at 26 where did you play before that?

Timil Patel: In India, played 38 First Class matches for Gujarat State and represented India Under-19 (U-19)

VCJ:  How do you compare the Indian First Class circuit to the US national team?

Timil Patel: I wouldn’t want to compare. The reason being, cricket is not a first choice in school and college level in US. Whereas in India it is a first choice sport so comparing wouldn’t be a good thing to do… Yes improvements and developing the game in US can certainly be done

VCJ: You are probably the most experienced spinner in the country how do you see yourself taking up that leading role?

Timil Patel: I have been a front-line bowler almost my entire career so I am used to taking the leadership and responsibility. Plus I have been captain of my state side at various age level cricket in India so it actually gives me confidence to take up the challenge

VCJ: do you prepare for a crucial tournament like World Cricket League (WCL) Division Four?

Timil Patel: Our local season is still not finished yet, so still play games on the weekend, Saturdays and Sundays. Training during the week and practicing

VCJ: You featured for USA at the ICC WT20 Qualifiers in Summer of 2015 in Ireland, were you at the ICC Americas Combines last September and also at the 2016 NAGICO Super 50. What were those experience in Trinidad and Tobago like?

Timil Patel: It was a wonderful experiences playing cricket at a First Class level is always competitive and challenging

VCJ: How would you rate playing in the Super 50 compared to the Indian First Class Circuit?

Timil Patel: Both are pretty competitive and under similar pitch and weather conditions

VCJ: If you weren’t a cricketer what would you be doing?

Timil Patel: I’d have definitely been into sports if not for cricket. I played Soccer for my school as well until i had to pick one.

VCJ: Who are some of the players you looked up to in the past growing up and or even now?

Timil Patel: Shane Warne without a doubt was a player that I looked up to as a cricketer. Rahul Dravid  was also a player who I looked up to and shared a very good relation with him whenever we met at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore(India).


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