Brooklyn Name 18 For Mayor’s Cup Clash with Metro.

The Brooklyn Cricket League (BCL) has name a lengthy 18 man squad for their Mayor’s Cup T20 match with Metropolitan Cricket League. The line up will be led by former national batsman Albert Texeira, alongside  Akeem Dodson and Glen Hall both with national duty under their belt. Former West Indian speedster Adam Sanford is likely to lead the bowling attack with regional all-rounder Andre Kirton. The team is well blended with both youthful talent as well as experience.

One notable absentee is former US under 19 and Atlantic Region batsman Romeno Deane. Brooklyn with be looking to upstage Staten Island’s Metropolitan Cricket League (MCL)  to continue for their five wicket win after turning back New York Cricket League of the Bronx in the previous round. BCL v. MCL Saturday June 16, 2012 sponsored by the New York Cricket Region.  The match will be played at Marine Park wicket ‘D’ commencing at 1:30 p.m.

The team representing the Brooklyn Cricket League will be selected from the following players:

  1. Albert TEXEIRA                    –           Captain           –           Cavaliers Cricket Club
  2. Akeem DODSON                  –           Vice Captain  –           Sheffield Cricket Club
  3. Glenmore Hall                      –                                   –           Sheffield Cricket Club
  4. Hugo D’OLIVERIA                –                                   –           Sheffield Cricket Club
  5. Trinson CARMICHAEL         –                                   –           Diplomats Sports Club
  6. Mark AUDAIN                       –                                   –           Middlesex Cricket Club
  7. Adam SANFORD                                                       –           Middlesex Cricket Club
  8. Keith EDY                                                                  –           Diplomats Sports Club
  9. Selwyn SMITH                                                          –           Diplomats Sports Club
  10. Atfah SHAZAD                                                          –           Panthers Cricket Club
  11. Adil ALI                                                                      –           Panthers Cricket Club
  12. André KIRTON                                                          –           Middlesex Cricket Club
  13. Rod MICHAEL                                                           –           Middlesex Cricket Club
  14. Claymont ROSE                                                        –           Middlesex Cricket Club
  15. Orient BOSTICK                                                        –           Imperial Cricket Club
  16. Orlando MOFFORD                                                  –           Imperial Cricket Club
  17. Damion REID                                                              –           Cavaliers Cricket Club
  18. Timothy WARNER                                                    –           Cavaliers Cricket Club
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