Eight teams confirmed to compete in Inaugural New York Cricket Academy Sixes

The following eight teams are confirmed to participate in the Inaugural New York Cricket Academy Sixes Tournament:

·        Liberty Sports Club

·        Melbourne CC

·        Cosmos CC

·        Bulldogs

·        ACA Dragons

·        Stallions

·        BCANA

·        NY Centurions

 WHERE:  Baisley Pond Park @ Rockaway Blvd. and Baisley Blvd.

WHEN:  Wednesday, July 4th. 2012 starting time @ 10:00 am.

Match Rules
• Matches are played between two teams of six players, and each game consists of   a maximum of five six-ball overs bowled by each side (eight-ball overs in the final match.)
• Each member of the fielding side bowls one over, with the exception of the wicket-keeper.  Teams are NOT ALLOWED to switch wicket-keepers during the match.
• Wides and no-ball count as two runs.
• If five wickets fall before 5 overs are completed, the last remaining batsman bats on with the fifth batsman acting as a runner. He always takes strike. The innings is complete when the sixth wicket falls.
• Batsmen retire not out on reaching 31 runs. The idea being to reach 36 runs by hitting 6 sixes. A retired batsman can return to the crease after lower-order batsmen either retire or are out.

The eight team sixes tournament is based on a knock-out format and a single elimination blind draw.  Teams will select numbers from 1 – 8, and the tournament will proceed as listed below:


Match 1:         #1 vs. #2    @  11:00 am.

Match 2:         #3 vs. #4    @  12:00 pm.

                                                                                         Match 3:         #5  vs. #6    @ 1:00 pm.

                                                                                         Match 4:        #7  vs. #8    @ 2:00 pm.


                                                                           1st. Semi:   Winner Match 1  vs.  Winner Match 2

                                                                          2nd. Semi:  Winner Match 3  vs.  Winner Match 4


                                                              Championship Match:  Eight ball (8) overs bowled by each side.


 Please come out to support Cosmos Cricket Club Fundraiser BBQ to be held on Wednesday, July 4th. @ Baisley Pond Park.

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