Queensbury shock Travel Treat

By Dyon Ravello,

With rains about, Brooklyn League reschedule three matches at Marine Park on Saturday, July 28th. The teams affected by the change were, Queensbury, Panthers     Diplomats, Imperial, Cavaliers and Middlesex. In a strange decision the BCL committee postponed the match till August 19th. Normally rained out matches would yield each team four point unlike the usual ten for a win. Meanwhile Travel Treat stayed close on the heels of the leaders Panther with a win against Wanderers. Travel Treat are almost certain of a place in the League semifinals.

In Sundays Matches Queenbury shock a depleted Travel Treat to record only their second win of the season, to mirror fellow table proppers, Wanderers and Diplomats with two victories each. Cavaliers topped Diplomats to stay the in the hunt, as Middlesex, routed the inconsistent Imperial to moved close to confirming there semifinal berth. Sheffield gave their campaign a much needed life line as they whipped Wanderers.

With only four rounds remaining, Panthers, Travel Treat and Middlesex will be confidence for a playoff spot. The Cellar trio of Diplomats, Queensbury, and Wanderers as practically eliminated as only math or a miracle would lift any team to the top of standings. The excitement lies in the middle of the table with Sheffield, Imperial and Cavaliers. Cavaliers and Imperial have the luxury of the August 19th fixtures providing there is no rain. Sheffield have the toughest of the draws with matches against leaders Panthers on August 5th and back to back matches against Middlesex the following week.

Cavaliers with three matches face Imperial in what should be a intense affair on the August 11th. Cavaliers  play the less imposing Wanderers on 12th and meet Middlesex on the 19th. Imperial has the best draw of the lot with Travel Travel on the 5th, Cavaliers, Panther on 12th and Diplomats scheduled for the 19th,

Weekend Ahead:

Sunday August 5

Mpk A         Panthers     vs    Sheffield             Mpk B         Middlesex     vs    Diplomats

Mpk C         Travel Treat     vs    Imperial        SV               Wanderers    vs     Queensbury

Click to see highlights from the Brooklyn Cricket League by Mark Audain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mC4RCllR-Bw

Brooklyn Standings: 7/30/2012 (unofficial)

Team         Matches Wins Loses Tie      Points

Panthers          12         12         0          0          120

Travel Treat     14        10         4          0          100

Middlesex       12         9          3          0          90

Cavaliers         13        7          6          0         70

Sheffield         13         7          6          0          70

Imperial           12        6         6          0          60

Diplomats        12        2           10         0          20

Queensbury     13        2          11         0            20

Wanderers       13        2           11         0          20

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