NYC Partners With PSAL For Mayor’s Cup Cricket Series

by Dyon Ravello,

Evan Ely of NYC Company Speaks on the Mayor’s Cup Cricket an initiative by the New York City in Partnership with Public School Athletic League (PSAL)

PSAL Big Apple Games continued with cricket Trials at Baisley Pond Cricket Park, Queens on August 9th. Before the sessions began the cricketers were greeted by Evan Ely a representative from NYC Company, the organizers of Mayor’s Cup Cricket. Ely distributed some Mayor’s Cup memorabilia as part of the campaign by New York City through the NYC Company and PSAL in bridging the gap with the various communities in the city  through sport. As part of the community outreach project, Mayor’s Cup Cricket is currently assessing numerous venues in search of a new home. As part of Ely’s trip to Baisley Pond was to evaluate the feasibility for the Baisley Pond Cricket Park and its amenities as a possible home for the Mayor’s Cup Cricket in the future. See photos from the event below:

New York Youth Cricketers, on hand as NYC Company outlines its Mayor’s Cup initiative with PSAL and the New York Cricket Community. Standing from left to right: Ricky Kissoon (PSAL Coordinator), Joel Boodoo, Regis Burton (US youth player), Dhanraj Hansraj, Thakur Singh, Clifford Hamilton, Dino Choo Wee Nam, Tanveer Khan, Brandon Boodoo, Troy Mars, Arshaad Farooq, Kiefer Phil, and Nicholas Roopnarine. Sitting from left to right are Surrendra Singh, Nicholas Harripersaud, Mike Roopnarine, and Ryan Shangie.  Photo by Dyon Ravello

Evan Ely of NYC Company poses with New York Youth Cricketers ready for action. photo by Dyon Ravello

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