NYCR, USACA Under 19 Trials Continues

Promoting the World's Best Game,

Promoting the World’s Best Game,

Following an exciting first Day at New York Regional Under 19 trials on April 13th 2013.  NYCR will continue screening players for selection on April 14th, 20th, and 21th at Gateway Oval, Brooklyn and onApril 27th, and 28th at Van Cortland Park, Bronx. All players interested in representing the Region and or the National Under teams are urged to attend.

All U19 players born  on or after Sept 1st, 1993 are invited to attend the open trials on said dates. Special notice, players who participated in regional sessions previously are encouraged to attend. Some players include, but is not exclusive to:

Amarnauth Persaud,   Randall Wilson,   Rafeek Nazeer,   Travis Ross,   Zahib Tariq, Ayaz Mohammed,   Az Cheema,   Bilal Khan,   Hayat Khan,   Saed Haider,   Tanveer Khan,   Clifford Hamilton,   Sajib Salam,   Hamza Rana,   MD Islam,   Ahsan Riaz, Leon Mohabir,   Rohan Burrell,   Bjorn Brown,   Dhanraj Hansraj,   Brandon Boodoo,   Kamran Hussain Rana,   Sameet Khawaja,   Waqas Shah,   Foisal Mohammed,   Faisal Ahmed,   Syed Hussain,   Faraz Hassan,   Shujon,   Refat,   Zain Masood,   Michael Katwaroo,   Brandon Dat,   Nicholas Harripersad,   Surrendra Singh,   Rahim Khan,   Keifer Phil,   Usman Ashraf,   Burhan Saeed,   Muhammad Shahzad,   Syed Abdullah,   Hussain Cheema,   Khushaud Hamza,   Ryan Persaud, Orette Irons,   Syed Ahmad,   Zain Awan,   Steven Chaitram,   Syed Ali,   Javon Blackman,   Ryan Shangie,   Yousuf Shah,   Justin Deopaul,   Elliot Bedessee,   Shah Hussain and Khari Broomes


Players are asked to be at all sessions at 930am sharp! Dress code for all sessions will be white clothes and white shoes. Please note that ONLY players attending the trials will be considered for selection.  For registration and more information please contact the NYCR youth coordinator Nigel Harper (516)315-8472, Dyon Ravello (917)266-5395 or Lester Hooper (347)538-2696.

All Players between the ages of 13 and 19 are ugre to register!

Player Eligibility Guide:

Born on or after Sept 1, 1993

Residency US Citizen by birth or Naturalization OR

Has resided for a minimum of 183 days in the USA in each of the 7 immediately preceding years OR

Has resided for a minimum of 183 days in the USA in each of the 4 immediately preceding years

Player who do not meet the requirement at this time are urge to attend for future consideration

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