NY To Host Atlantic and North East Under 19’s

Promoting the World's Best Game,

Promoting the World’s Best Game,

NYCR has select two teams s to represent the region on April 27th and April 28th against the Atlantic and Northeast regions. On behalf of the NYCR, the chairman Lester Hooper gives thanks to head coach Linden Fraser, coach Adam Sanford, coach Rudy John, coach Milton Pydana, coach Kevin Darlington, Mr Clifford Hinds, Triholder Marshall and all the NYCR board members who supported the trials over the past two weeks. In addition, the NYCR would also like to thank the youth selectors who gave up their time over the two weeks to come out to the trial venue.
Best of luck to the players selected. 

Players are ask to report to Marine Park in Brooklyn, NY @ 9am sharp!!!!!!
Team 1                                                                 Team 2
1.  Amarnauth Persaud (Capt)                               1. Clifford Hamilton ( Capt ) wk
2.  Randall   Wilson  (Vice Capt)                                    2. Abdulla Afridi
3.  Travis  Ross                                                                     3. Zafar  Yusuf
4.  Omar  Afridi                                                                     4. Chetram Persaud
5.  Waqas  Shah                                                                     5. Hamza  Rana
6.  Rafeek Nazeer                                                                 6. Nicholas Harripersaud
7.  Sajib  Salim                                                                      7. Keifer Phils
8.  Aown  Iqbal                                                                     8. Michael  Katwaroo
9.  Brian  Saul                                                                         9. Jason Rodney
10. Lijo Mazhuvachery                                                   10.Tanzil Mohamed
11. Mark Bamfield  ( wk )                                                 11. Ubaid Khan
12. Tanver Khan                                                                  12. Azmul Siddique
13. Leandre London                                                           13.  Elliot Bedessee
14. Surrendra Singh                                                             14.  Ryan Persaud 
15. Zainul Masood                                                                  15.  Brandon Dat
Manager: Clifford Hinds                                                   Manager:  Patrick sullivan
Coach: Milton Pydanna                                                    Coach: Rudi John
Kevin Darlington                                                                Adam Sanford
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