USACA Under 19 Combine Announced


USACA is proud to announce an exciting development in its High Performance Program. With an eye to the future, USACA has focused a great deal of attention and resources on its talented youth, in particular the Under 19’s. USACA CEO Mr. Darren Beazley explained the rationale;


“USACA is determined to improve our standing in international cricket and to establish a clearly defined talented player pathway. I have been delighted with the work of the USACA Youth Committee and the Regions in the first phase of this process.


As we move to a more professional approach in our cricket, the USACA Combine will bring the best elite coaches and specialist staff into one place to work with our most talented, emerging cricketer’s. The Combine is about ‘the best of the best’ selected from the Regions, testing themselves under the intense scrutiny of an elite selection regime. Whilst the final goal is to select our Under 19 team, all attendees will benefit from their involvement.


I also think that the Under 19’s Regional trials demonstrate what US cricket can achieve by working together and just how much potential this country has in cricket”.


A two phase selection process was established by the USACA Youth Committee in February. As part of Phase One, for the month of April, each Region has held (or is about to) selection matches and involved over 300 talented players from all over America. USACA has sent its National Selectors to each trial to search for the most talented youth. This weekend will be selection trails for the remaining four Regions which will complete Phase One of the process.


Phase two will be the inaugural USACA Under 19 Combine to be staged in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Based on the best practicesof elite cricket development in other countries, the USACA Combine is aimed at attendees being tested in a multitude of cricket related environments and learning more about the game and how to prepare to be an elite cricketer. The Combine is a much about educating our talent as it is about selection.



The USACA Combine will be conducted across three days involving the best Under 19 talented players from across America. Twenty four (24) players will receive an invitation in early May to participate in the USACA Combine to be staged May 31st, June 1st and June 2nd at the Lauderhill Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


USACA has sought the expertise of the ICC America’s office to manage the elite cricket testing regime that the USACA Combine will feature. ICC America’s High Performance Manager Mr. Andy Pick with oversee the USACA Combine with support from specialist staff, Regional coaches and USACA staff. The USACA Combine will involve a full battery of testing encompassing all elements of cricket. The testing regime will involve speed and agility, strength and conditioning, skills and game knowledge over the first day. Night time sessions will also contribute to the players’ knowledge and understanding of game related tactics, nutrition and mental preparation and performance under pressure.


Games of varying lengths will also be held in this intensive initiative.


All USACA National Selectors will attend the USACA Combine and at the end of the three days, select a final team of fourteen (14) to represent their country at National Under 19’s that will compete ICC America’s Under 19 Division One tournament to be held in Toronto (Canada) from July 7th to 15th 2013.


The National Under 19’s Coach will also be in attendance to oversee proceedings and to view the best Under 19 talent on display.


Those selected to attend the USACA Combine will be receive a letter in the first week of May, with a media announcement of the final twenty four to follow.



For further information, please contact;

Mr. Manaf Mohamed

General Manager

USACA Office

Ph: (561) 839 1888

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