Bedessee Sports, Labor Day T20

BI_Sports_Logo_T20-1Bedessee Sports is pleased and excited to announce that they will be sponsoring their first inaugural National T20 cricket tournament in the city of New York. The tournament is in association with The New York Cricket Region, American Cricket League, Brooklyn Cricket League, The Metropolitan District Cricket Association and the USA Cricket Umpires Association.

Bedessee Sports is the largest importer, wholesaler, retailer and distributor of top quality cricket equipment in North America. With locations in Canada, USA and the Caribbean, also a dealer network that stretches across the whole western hemisphere.

Several leagues and clubs has approached Mr. Chubb Bedessee, who is the President of Bedessee Sports, to stage a cricket tournament in the New York Tri-State region, where it lacks a private national tournament. Being the mecca of cricket in the United States, Mr. Bedessee has decided to stage this event with his friends in supporting this venture. This event will be a wonderful opportunity for teams to showcase their players in a friendly cricket tournament, while competing for a Grand Prize.

The Grand Prize to the winning team will be cash of $10,000. The runner-up team will receive $2500. There will also be cash and equipment prizes for top performing players. Mr. Bedessee hopes the tournament is a great success that can contribute to cricket development while at the same time, building a stronger foundation in New York.

This tournament will be held from August 30th to September 2nd.  The majority of the Games are to take place at Marine Park, Seaview 80th and 108th Street parks in Brooklyn. The final is to be played at the Seaview 80th street Park. The tournament is open to all clubs, groups and/or leagues. Any team that wishes to participate in this event will need to pay an entrance fee of $1500 per team and supply their teams’ roster by the closing date of August 23rd. We ask everyone to spread the word and to come out enjoy a weekend of exciting cricket matches.

If you would like to enter a team or to find out more information, kindly contact Mr. Chubb Bedessee at 718-272-1300 (press option 4) or Mr. Lester Hooper from the NY Cricket Region at 347-538-2696.

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1 Response to Bedessee Sports, Labor Day T20

  1. ssamrajs says:

    Excellent. We in NY need such ventures. As is correctly stated, we are the cricket mecca of the United States and it is a shame that we do not have a major Twenty20 tournament. I know earlier this year, May I think, Mr.Asgaralli of the MMZ cricket Club, along with Jeff Miller and his Florida contingent, staged a Twenty20 tournament. It was a relative success. We are hoping that this Bedessee tourney will meet greater success.

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