New York, Atlantic Renew Rivalry


Promoting the World's Best Game,

Promoting the World’s Best Game,

Following a success 2012 inter-regional series, New York(NYCR) and Atlantic have renewed their rivalry this season. Atlantic will make the trip across the Hudson River on August 17th for the triple header event. In action will be Uner-17, Under-19 and Under-25 at Marine Park. NYCR will wrap up its screening process this Saturday, August 10th at Gateway Oval. Players interested in participating in region competition are encouraged to be at Gateway from 10am.

NYCR will look to build on the exploits of its National Under 19 quintet of Keifer Phill, Trevis Ross, Mohammad Afridi, Randall Wilson and Waqas Shah. In the under 25 category, Azurdeen Mohammed, and Akeem Dodson will bring their senior team experiences as well.

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