ACF Announces The League Builder Program

American Cricket Federation

As another demonstration of its commitment to its member leagues, the American Cricket Federation is pleased to announce the ACF League Builder Program. Under the League Builder Program, every ACF member league will have an ACF team member as its personal liaison. This liaison will find out what the league, and that league’s clubs, is trying to achieve, no matter how big or small, and then put ACF’s people, connections and ingenuity to work getting it done.


For example, let’s say a league tells its ACF liaison that it would like to develop several youth squads (U13, U15, U17). Then the liaison would brainstorm with others and, in this case, no doubt reach out to USYCA to help the league put together a program that promises the best chance of success. As time passes, the ACF liaison will continue to monitor and assist, and, if necessary, work with the league to modify or expand the program as the situation demands.

Here’s another example: Let’s say that a league would like to have their town council put in a new pitch, but has failed to get the local politicians to take them seriously. The ACF liaison could initiate contact with their local government representatives, establish lines of communication and put the full weight of the national organization behind their efforts.

Fall Clinic Sundays Nov. 24 From 11am Click to enroll today or call 917-266-5395

ACF CEO Jamie Harrison said, “In my many conversations with the leaders of American cricket leagues, a theme that is constantly revisited is their need for direct support from the national organization – something that they’ve never had before. “At a time when American cricket leaders are being told that they must go it alone; that there should be a separation between a hyper-professionalized national body and the hardworking volunteer grassroots; that local issues are not national concerns, ACF reaffirms that it will stand with you.

“We are not afraid to get boots on the ground, and, if necessary, get ankle-deep in mud.

“Together, we will change the future of cricket in the United States.”

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