NY Cricket Academy Easter Cup Under-19

Four Teams To Challenge For The Spring Recess Youth Development

nyycaThe New York Cricket Academy will be hosting its Inaugural U19 Cricket Easter Cup during Spring Recess in April 2014. Four teams of players from New York and  will participate in a round-robin Twenty/20 Tournament. The purpose of the event is to prepare the youths for any regional or national junior trials when called upon.

The names of talented players will be forwarded to the New York Cricket Region, and the United States of America Cricket Association. Anyone interested in participating should contact the following individuals:

Rudy Persaud (917)-682-6142, Rudy John (631)-578-7226, Ricky Kissoon (646)-924-7328

Team I : Zahib Tariq (c), Hamza Rana, Keifer Phill, Jason Hall (wk) Elliot Bedessee, Mario Persaud, Burhan Saee, Azrab Cheema, Muhammad Awais, Mohib Tariq, Raheem Khan and Zeeshan Arif

Team II : Trevis Ross (c) Surendra Singh (wk) Leon Mohabir, Syed Islam, Joel Boodoo, Nicolas Nandan, Lijo Mazhuvanchery, Muhammad Ayaz, Hamza Raja, Brandat Dat, Muhammad Sarmad, and Sarim Mahmood

Team III : Sajib Salam (c) Naiem Hasan (wk) Atta Khan, Hamad Hassan, Jawwad Khan, Michael Katwaroo, Vinit Shah, Aown Iqbal, Gutrej Singh, Saqib Shahid, Mohammad Ashfaq, and Mujib Afridi,

Team IV : Randall Wilson (c) Derick Narine, Usman Ashraf, Navindra Dewlall, Randy Permaul, Ryan Persaud, Nicholas Harriepersaud, Jason Rooney, Fahad Riaz, Humza Ahmad, Hussain Cheema and Muhammad Shahzad (wk)

Schedule: April, Saturday 19th. – Monday 21st.

All Matches will be played at 223rd. St. Idlewild Park

Date 10:00 am 1:00 pm
Sat. 4/19 Team 1 vs. Team 2 Team 3 vs. Team 4
Sun. 4/20 Team 2 vs. Team 4 Team 1 vs. Team 3
Mon. 4/21 Team 1 vs. Team 4 Team 2 vs. Team 3
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