USACA Name Womens Squads for National Tournament Nov. 18th – 20th

United States of America Cricket Association (USACA)

USACAUSACA has named two 14 women’s squads for its National Womens Tournament carded for Lauderhill, Florida, November 18-20, 2016. Among those selected are former West Indies Test player Candacy Atkins as well as USA Nationals, Nadia Gruny, Delkash Shahriarian, Doris Francis, Joy Jones, Samantha Ramoutar, and Claudine Beckford among others.

This series will be used by the US National Governing Body to earmark women who will be selected to be part of the list of contracted players. USACA’s outlook is to have the National Womens team playing in the West Indies Womens tournaments among other initiatives.


EASTERN CONFERENCE                                          WESTERN CONFERENCE

Candacy Atkins                                                              Nadia Gruny

Carlene Edwards                                                            Erica Rendler

Chelsea Douglas                                                             Claudine Beckford

Coreen Edwards                                                             Mahika Koduganti

Delkash Shahriarian                                                      Rabia Shahid

Doris Francis                                                                   Saadia Fazal

Gul Imran                                                                         Sara Farooq

Hema Singh                                                                      Sindhu Sriharsha

Joy Jones                                                                            Sindhuja Reddy

Juanita Hooper                                                                  Sugetha Chandhrasekar

Mona Persaud                                                                     Uzma Iftikhar

Onika Wallerson                                                                 Varada Joshi

Samantha Ramautar                                                          Vritti Sethi

Sihle Wilson                                                                         Zeenat Kauser

Linden Fraser (Coach)                                                       Basil Butcher Jr. (Coach)

Venelda Wallace (Manager)                                             Shahnaz Rehmani (Manager)


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