USACA National T20 Championship



USACA announces schedule for the 2016 National Twenty/20 (T20) Championships. Matches with be played at the Broward County Stadium, which hosted Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and the West Indies/India series during the summer. Eight regions will contest the Mens National Championship of a chance to be dubbed American Champions while East will play west for the Womens Cup. Player from both the Men and Women campaign will showcase their talent in an effort to earn a national contract.


USA recently gained promotion to World Cricket League Division Three after triumph in Division Four, on Home soil in Los Angeles.

Group A                                                        Group B

South East Region                                            New York Region

Central West Region                                       North East Region

North West Region                                         South West Region

Atlantic Region                                                  Central East Region

Eastern Women                                                 Western Women

Date Match Team 1 Team 2 Start Venue  
Friday 18-Nov   Stadium Lower Floor
Friday 18-Nov Match 1 NER NYR 9:30 AM Field 1/2  
Friday 18-Nov Match 2 AR CWR 9:30 AM Field 3/4  
Friday 18-Nov Match 3 SER NWR 9:30 AM Stadium  
Friday 18-Nov Match 4 NYR CER 2:00 PM Field 1/2  
Friday 18-Nov Match 5 CWR SER 2:00 PM Field 3/4  
Friday 18-Nov Match 6 Western Women Eastern Women 2:00 PM Stadium  


Friday 18-Nov Match 7 CER SWR 6:00 PM Field 1/2  
Friday 18-Nov Match 8 AR NWR 6:00 PM Field 3/4  
Friday 18-Nov Match 9 Eastern Women Western Women 6:00 PM Stadium  
Saturday 19-Nov   Stadium Lower Floor
Saturday 19-Nov Match 10 SWR NYR 9:30 AM Field 3/4  
Saturday 19-Nov Match 11 SER AR 1:30 PM Field 1/2  
Saturday 19-Nov Match 12 NER SWR 1:30 PM Field 3/4  
Saturday 19-Nov Match 13 NER CER 2:00 PM Stadium  
Saturday 19-Nov Match 14 CWR NWR 6:00 PM Stadium  
Sunday 20-Nov Match 15 Group A #1 Group B #2 10:00 AM Field 1/2  
Sunday 20-Novl Match 16 Group B #1 Group A #2 10:00 AM Field 3/4  
Sunday 20-Nov Match 17 Western Women Eastern Women 10:00 AM Stadium  
Sunday 20-Nov Stadium Lower Floor
Sunday 20-Nov Match 18 Winner M15 Winner M16 2:00 PM Stadium  



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