Sheffield Dent Panthers To Stay Alive

by Dyon Ravello,

Brooklyn Cricket League is never short of twist and turns, excitement and surprises. On Sunday 5th August play continued with Middlesex failing to show against Diplomats due to an internal dispute, give Diplomats only there third victory of the term. Middlesex marred by an internal dispute, which led to a player strike being unable to field a team against Diplomats. Middlesex has seem to rectified the issues by healing the wound or even reaching into the reserves to be ready for this weekend double header against Sheffield. Middlesex meet Sheffield twice on the weekend with these encounters granted to shape the season for either side.

Queensbury scored  220 as they sort about to resolve their record low of 24 against Wanderers. Queensbury were led by Kenneth Charles 52, Marcellin Stanford 33 and Elsworth Harper 27. Wanderers were unable to repeat there superfluous feat of two weeks prior, with bowling returns for L. Hyde 3/36 W. Celestine 3/49 and K. Wade 2/10. Needing an imposing 5.5 runs per over Wanderers would have much preferred to chase double digits. Only Wanderers Captain Roy Jackman with 54 showed any grit as Wanderers failed to even compete with a paltry total of 118 all out. Queensbury with a grand sigh of relief as Joseph Shorte 3/38 and Roy Cesar  4/20 combined to complete a convincing 102 run victory to leave Wanderers rooted at the bottom of the table.

Travel Treat maintain touching distance with Panthers at the top after winning by 45 runs over Imperial. Travel Treat scored 250 runs batting first with Imperial only managing 205. The result confirms Travel Treat’s place in the semifinals,  as Imperial’s aspirations have been retarded slightly. Travel Treat will look to finish strong in their final league encounter when they play lowly Diplomats on Sunday, August 12th. Imperial will be looking to rebound when the tackle Cavaliers on August 11th in a 20 pointer.

Sheffield made the biggest news in Brooklyn on the day as Panthers proved dull losing their first this season. Panthers slumped to 148 with only the rampant “Blade Da” Shahzad scoring 34, as M. Patel made key breakthroughs for returns of 4/23.  Tails up sensing an opportunity to pounce on a much need victory, Sheffield led by Trevor Wittick 32 and Zain  Masood 37 not out, were not about to botch this one, completing a comfortable five wicket victory. Sheffield who have struggled all season, creating the biggest headline of the season rocking the league leaders.

Cavaliers were inactive last weekend, but are very much in with a chance to make the playoff, as they play Imperial, and the potentially dangerous Wanderers. Cavaliers close out the season with another 20 pointer against Middlesex on August 25th. Imperial face the wounded Panthers on the 12th, needing nothing but a win, but the leaders will be looking to return to their form following the Sheffield shock. Imperial will face Diplomats on the 25th as well. As for Diplomats, Queensbury, and Wanderers they will continue to play for pride and attempt to pull off an upset or two against the boys at the business end of the table. Matches this weekend:

Saturday August 11

Mpk A      Wanderers   vs    Panthers                         Mpk B       Middlesex   vs   Sheffield                        

Mpk C      Imperial   vs   Cavaliers                              SV            Queensbury    vs    Diplomats

Sunday August 12

Mpk A     Wanderers    vs   Cavaliers                         Mpk B     Travel Treat   vs   Diplomats

Mpk C     Panthers   vs   Imperial                                SV            Sheffield   vs   Middlesex

Legend: Mpk-Marine Park, SV-Seaview Ave, at 108th St Canarsie


Brooklyn Standings: 8/8/2012 (unofficial)

Team         Matches Wins Loses Tie      Points

1. Panthers          13         12         1          0          120

2. Travel Treat     15        11         4          0          110

3. Middlesex       13         9          4          0          90

4. Sheffield         14         8          6          0          80

5. Cavaliers         13        7          6          0         70

6. Imperial           13        7        6          0          70

7. Diplomats        13        3          10         0          30

8. Queensbury     14       3          11         0            30

9. Wanderers       14        2           14         0          20

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