West Indies PCL 6th Round Team of the Week

Devon Smith (LHB) 95 (Windward Islands Volcanoes)

John Campbell (LHB) 156 & 4/40 (Jamaica Scorpions)

Sheyne Moseley (RHB) 117 (Barbados Pride)

Paul Palmer (LHB) 136 (Jamaica Scorpions)

Devon Thomas (RHB)+ 103 (Leeward Island Hurricanes)

Rahkeem Cornwall (OB)* 5/116 (Leeward Island Hurricanes)

Derval Green (RFM) 4/45 (Jamaica Scorpions)

Veerasammy Permaul (SLA) 5/40 & 2/78 (Guyana Jaguars)

Shane Shillingford (OB) 4/36 & 5/47 (Windward Islands Volcanoes)

Jomal Warrican (SLA) 6/89 (Barbados Pride)

Hayden Walsh Jr. (SLA) 6/48  (Barbados Pride)

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West Indies PCL Team of the Week Round 5

Nikita Miller the Jamaica Scorpions Captain, stung Windwards with a 13 wicket-haul and a half century to lead his side to a 10 wicket win in WIPCL round 5, Photo courtesy Sportmax.tv

Yet another round in the West Indies Professional Cricket League (WIPCL) where there were victories in all three matches. Trinidad and Tobago Red Force had a 180 degree turn coming off an innings defeat at home to the Guyana Jaguars. Inflicted a similar result over the Leeward Island Hurricanes. Red Force were led by Imran Khan who scalped seven wickets in the match along with a rearguard unbeaten 84 to win the man of the match. Khan was aided by Khary Pierre 5/44 in the second innings and Roshon Primus 4/57 with the ball in the first innings. Kyle Hope 84 and Amir Jangoo 96 set the tone for the Red Force innings with a 184 run stand opening partnership.

Like the Red Force, Jamaica Scorpions recorded their second win of the campaign with a ten wicket defeat of bottom side Windward Islands Volcanoes. The the effervescent Devon Smith continued to exuded perspiration from the fountain of youth with 116 and 41 but had little help resisting Nikita Miller’s Scorpions. As it was Miller himself leading the way with a half century (52) off the bat and a 13 wicket-haul with the ball 5/60 and 8/54 earning him the WIPCL player of the round (5th). Miller had support from Fabian Allen who is building a reputation for himself with an unbeaten 105, Allen currently averages 50 plus in First Class (batting). The every reliable John Campbell scored 71.

The question circulating around the Caribbean is, “who is going to stop perennial champions Guyana Jaguars?” The Jaguars always seem to have players standing up for the cause, if the spinners are not putting in the work the quicks are up for the task and the same can be said about the batting. Tagnarine Chanderpaul scored 52 and 62* while nightwatchman Gudesh Motie led the first innings with 72 not out, Chanderpaul Hemraj scored 79, and skipper Leon Johnson 61 in the second innings ensured an eight wicket triumph. But it were the pacemen who led the charge against Barbados Pride, with Youth World Cup winning seamer Keemo Paul 5/59 and 4/63 and Keon Joseph 3/69 and 4/38. Only Kenroy Williams (68) and Justin Greaves (72) offered any resistance to the Jaguars. Spinners Ashley Nurse and Jomal Warrican snared three wickets each.

WIPCL continues with sixth round action on December 7th with Leaders Jaguars hosting the Volcanoes, Hurricanes will be looking to rebound when they welcome the Pride and Red Force visit the Scorpions.

Devon Smith (LHB) 116 & 41 (Winward Islands Volcanoes)

Amir Jangoo+ (LHB) 96 (Trinidad and Tobago Red Force)

Kyle Hope (RHB) 84 (Trinidad and Tobago Red Force)

Fabian Allen (RHB) 105* (Jamaica Scorpions)

Imran Khan (RHB/LBG) 3/26 & 84 & 4/17 (Trinidad and Tobago Red Force)

Gudesh Motie (LHB) 72* (Guyana Jaguars)

Nikita Miller* (SLA) 5/60 & 52 & 8/54 (Jamaica Scorpions)

Keemo Paul (RFM) 5/59 & 4/63 (Guyana Jaguars)

Shane Shillingford (OB) 7/94 (Winward Islands Volcanoes)

Keon Joseph (RFM) 3/69 & 4/63 (Guyana Jaguars)

Khary Pierre (SLA) 5/44 (Trinidad and Tobago Red Force)

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West Indies PCL Team of the Round 4

Guyana Jaguars Captain Leon Johnson found form in the WIPCL Fourth round with a massive knock of 165 to decimate the Trinidad and Tobago Red Force line up

In the fourth round of the West Indies Professional Cricket League, there were winners in all three match for the first time this season. Guyana Jaguars trounced Trinidad and Tobago Red Force by an innings to open up a 20 point lead at the top of the table. Leeward Island Hurricanes suffered their first lost of the season as Jamaica registered their first win on the return of their talisman and captain Nikita Miller. Barbados Pride also register their maiden victory of the season leaving the Winward Island Volcanoes win-less and root to the bottom of the table.

Anthony Alleyne (LHB) 82 (Barbados Pride)

Paul Palmer (LHB) 86 (Jamaica Scorpions)

Leon Johnson* (LHB) 165 (Guyana Jaguars)

Vishaul Singh (LHB) 100 (Guyana Jaguars)

Kevin Stoute (RHB) 84 (Barbados Pride)

Kyle Myers (LHB) 56 & 76 (Winward Islands Volcanoes)

Kenroy Williams (RHB/OB) 55 & 3/51 & 4/36 (Barbados Pride)

Rahkeem Cornwall (OB) 4/86 & 4/32 (Leeward Islands Hurricanes)

Shane Shillingford (OB) 5/74 & 3/102 (Winward Islands Volcanoes)

Veerasammy Permaul (SLA) 4/43 & 5/54 (Guyana Jaguars)

Nikita Miller (SLA) 5/56 &  (Winward Islands Volcanoes)

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West Indies PCL Team of the Round 3

Devon Smith (LHB) 119* (Winward Islands Volcanoes)

Montcin Hodge (RHB) 91 (Leeward Islands Hurricanes)

Vishaul Singh (LHB) 97* (Guyana Jaguars)

Jason Mohammed (RHB) 113 (Trinidad & Tobago Red Force)

Jonathan Carter (LHB) 130 (Barbados Pride)

Shivnarine Chanderpaul (LHB) 109 (Guyana Jaguars)

Denesh Ramdin* (RHB/WKP) 116 (Trinidad & Tobago Red Force)

Terrence Ward (RHB/OB) 52 & 4/48 & 2/43 (Leeward Islands Hurricanes)

Imran Khan (LBG) 3/46 & 4/66 (Trinidad & Tobago Red Force)

Daniel St Clair (LBG) 2/19 & 4/29 (Trinidad & Tobago Red Force)

Sherman Lewis (BOWL) 5/65 (Winward Islands Volcanoes)

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West Indian PCL Team of the Week Second Round 2017-18

Jeremiah Louis took 9 wickets and stuck a half century as leeward Islands Hurricanes blew away Barbados Pride

Perennial champions Guyana Jaguars continued to maintain a stranglehold on the lead with a second consecutive win, this time over Winward Islands Volcanoes. Leewards Islands Hurricanes became the first team outside the leaders to record a win this season.  Jeremiah Louis the player of the round lead the Hurricanes with a nine-wicket haul and a half century to trounce Barbados Pride by an innings inside two days. Trinidad and Tobago Red Force were again held to a draw by Jamaica Scorpions.




Vishaul Singh                     (LHB)                     119                                         (Guyana Jaguars)

Yannick Cariah                   (LHB)                     127                      (Trinidad & Tobago Red Force)

Brandon King                     (RHB)                    98                                           (Jamaica Scorpions)

Tion Webster                     (RHB)                    178                      (Trinidad & Tobago Red Force)

Fabian Allen                       (LHB)                     169                                         (Jamaica Scorpions)

Anthony Bramble            (RHB/WKP)         90                                           (Guyana Jaguars)

Ashley Nurse                     (RHB)                    45 & 67                                 (Barbados Pride)

Jeremiah Louis                  (RFM/RHB)     6/69 & 62 & 3/43    (Leeward Islands Hurricanes)

Sherfane Rutherford      (RFM/RHB)         6/32 & 51 & 2/50               (Guyana Jaguars)

Imran Khan                         (LBG)                     2/127 & 6/57   (Trinidad & Tobago Red Force)

Gavin Tonge                       (RFM)                   3/5 & 6/21         (Leeward Islands Hurricanes)

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West Indian PCL Team of the Week First Round 2017-18

Current champions Guyana Jaguars hit the ground running with a victory over Jamaica Scorpions in the first round of the 2017-18 Professional Cricket League Four-Day season. The other matches between Trinidad and Tobago Red Force and Barbados Pride ended in a draw as did the tussle between Leeward Islands Hurricanes and Winward Islands Volcanoes. The Teams of the week is as follows with Denesh Ramdin listed as the captain:-

Devon Smith                      (LHB)                     185                         (Winward Islands Volcanoes)

Kacey Carty                        (RHB)                    74 & 48                 (Leeward Islands Hurricanes)

Ewart Nicholson               (BAT)                     74 &55                  (Trinidad & Tobago Red Force)

Roland Cato                        (RHB)                    90                           (Winward Islands Volcanoes)

Jonathan Carter               (LHB)                     85 & 46                 (Barbados Pride)

Denesh Ramdin*             (RHB/WKP)         107 & 56               (Trinidad & Tobago Red Force)

Keemo Paul                        (RHB/RFM)         107 & 4wickets  (Guyana Jaguars)

Jeremiah Louis                  (RFM)                   4/36                       (Leeward Islands Hurricanes)

Veerasammy Permaul       (SLA)                     6/29 & 4/53         (Guyana Jaguars)

Dennis Bulli                         (LBG)                     2/52 & 5/104      (Jamaica Scorpions)

Derval Green                     (RFM)                   4/63 & 1/51         (Jamaica Scorpions)

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Staten Island CC Hosted CLPUSA Youth Cricket

Cricket Let’s Play USA / Staten Island Cricket Club YOUTH CRICKET MATCH

14 OCTOBER 2017


By Mr. Clarence Modeste

On Saturday 14th October 2017 two youth teams gathered at the historical Walker Park, Staten Island, New York, for a T20 cricket match. This was the first youth cricket match, apart from Youth Festival Cricket, played at Walker Park. The impetus for this match sprang from a request by Mr. Dyon Ravello, president of CLPUSA (Cricket Let’s Play USA), a youth cricket program started in 2014 with students in Queens and Manhattan. Mr. Ravello made the request after coaching a couple of sessions at Walker Park in the absence of Mr. Linden Fraser who was away for a couple of weeks. The Executive Committee of the Staten Island Cricket Club (SICC) agreed not only to having the match but to hosting. Due to the greater advancement and experience of the CLPUSA (they play with the hard ball whereas the SICC students have experience only with the soft ball) it was agreed that the students from both programs would be placed in a single pool and divided into two teams. This was done with the help of Linden Fraser, the Staten Island youth coach and Mr. Dyon Ravello. The teams were designated “A” and “B”.


Team A. – Coach Ravello Team B. – Coach Fraser
Harris Muneeb – Captain (CLPUSA – Q) Jayden Higgins – Captain (CLPUSA – Q)
Eshita Saini (SICC) Jayden Babulal (CLPUSA – Q)
Ali Chaudhury (CLPUSA – Q) Bharat Babulal (CLPUSA – Q)
Alex Babulal (CLPUSA – Q) Haseeb Chaudhury (CLPUSA – Q)
Adesh Persaud (CLPUSA – Q) Naveer Ramsarran (CLPUSA – Q)
Genevieve Guluzian (SICC) George Guluzian (SICC)
Zaheer Baksh (CLPUSA – Q) Janany Jeyakumar (SICC)
Akash Pakeerathan (SICC) Arman Mahmood (SICC)
Jamahan Jeyakumar (SICC) Jaiman Saini (SICC)
  Shawn Dietsh (SICC)

Staten Island Cricket Club Youths (SICC)

Cricket Let’s Play USA (Queens) (CLPUSA-Q)

That Saturday began, as usual for the Staten Island Cricket Club Youths, with a yoga session which includes parents followed by a youth only karate session. It was a lovely afternoon, warm for that time of year and a number of parents were in attendance to watch and encourage their children. The decision was made to play 20 overs. Team B won the toss and elected to bat. The children, none older than 14 years, the youngest at 6, threw themselves enthusiastically into the match. They bowled with expectation, fielded with urgency and at bat they showed a desire to score runs. Together these brought joy to their families and a good measure of satisfaction to their coaches.

Some performances are worth noting from Team B Jayden Babulal scored 15 runs, Naveer Ramsarran 10, Jayden Higgins 7, Bharat Babulal 6 and Jenany Jayakumar 5. From Team A Notable scores were: Alex Babulal 14 runs, Ali Chowdhury 8 and Haris Muneeb 5. Noteworthy bowlers on Team B were Jayden Higgins who took 3 wickets and Janany Jeyakumar who took 2. Noteworthy bowlers for team A were Harris Muneeb who took 2 wickets and Adesh Persaud who also 2.

Each team batted out its allotted 20 overs. Team B scored 62 runs for the loss of 8 wickets. Team A responded with 56 for the loss of 9 wickets. The match was enjoyable and exciting as it seemed for a while that team A’s score might catch up with team B’s. Only for Haseeb Chowdhury to successfully defend 18 runs off his last over.

Dr. Kumar Balakrishnan, Staten Island’s 2nd vice president, took on the task of providing refreshments as well as providing operational assistance. Dr. Sushila Balakrishnan carried out the task of taking photographs. Umpiring services were provided by Mr. Clarence Modeste and Mr. Naresh Ramsarran.

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Cricket Let’s Play USA CALENDAR



Join Us:- https://vellocricket.net/2010/03/24/register-to-learn-cricket-in-new-york-city/

Cricket Let’s Play USA (CLPUSA) is calling all youth in the Tri-State area. We are recruiting cricketers for the following age groups for the 2019 season, No Experience necessary.

Age Group Born After Match Day Series
U-12 9/1/2006 Saturdays 25 Overs
U-14 9/1/2004 Sundays 30-40 Overs
U-16 9/1/2002 Saturdays 40/45 Overs
U-19 9/1/1999 Summer Weekdays/Saturdays 2 Innings/50 Overs/T20

U-12 born after 9/1/2006, 25 over matches on Saturdays, U-14 born after 9/1/2004, 35 over matches on Sundays, U-16 born after 9/1/2002 40 over matches on Saturdays, U-19 born after 9/1/1999 multi-day matches weekdays during the summer in addition to T20 matches as well. Winter Training is in session Saturdays from 3:15 to 5pm call, message, text, WhatsApp 917-266-6396 Follow Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CricketLetsplayUSA/

Febuary 2019

QUEENS – Indoor @ Storm Sports Academy,  7 Terminal Road, West Hempstead, NY

CLPUSA Wh logo2/2 Sat. 3:15pm @ Indoor Training

2/9 Sat. 3:15pm @ Indoor Training

2/23 Sat. 3:15pm @ Indoor Training

March 2019

QUEENS – Indoor @ Storm Sports Academy,  7 Terminal Road, West Hempstead, NY

3/2 Sat. 3:15pm @ Indoor Training

3/9 Sat. 3:15pm @ Indoor Training

*Note that dates, times and locations are subject to change*


CLPUSA has introduced cricket to over 8000 students in the New York Elementary and Middle Schools.

CLPUSA has been featured on One World Sports’ “Out of My League,” – http://tinyurl.com/n7jdaqo 

Contested the NATA Under-13 tournament 2014. 

Concerned Citizen for Change Back to School, District 57 Brooklyn.

2017 – 2018 Participated in East Coast Youth Cricket League

2017 – 2018, Manhattan UWS Cricket Program.

Joins us to prepare to the Travel, Regional and National, Teams and Trials, Leagues and Tournaments. Over the winter CLPUSA conducts coaching programs geared on improving the technical ability of the players. CLPUSA will continue to serve students with the latest and most effective drills and tips on improving their game. Ask about our After School program. 

About CLPUSA Learn Cricket Academy:-

Cricket Let’s Play USA, is inviting Students to learn Cricket, the basics; batting, bowling, catching and fielding, techniques and more in New York City, NY. Students aged 6 years and older are encouraged to register today to be part of the Cricket-Manic Excitement.

Pathways opportunities, to local, regional and national tournaments. Pathways to National Zonal/Regional team and National Youth, Women and Senior Teams. Find a program or build a program near you today call, text or register for more details.

Be registering and participating in the Cricket Let’s Play Program you consent to the Assumption of Risk waiver and Photo Consent Form in addition to rates and tuition as determined by our management committee.



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